Online or offline? What is right for your food business when?

The concept of a website did not exist in a pre-pandemic world. Why does it happen every day on the internet for all businesses? Offsites has been featured as an exciting annual event that sees team members come together at a country resort or city hotel for deep dive planning sessions and team exercises. The food is simple and easy. People meet at the office every day and are treated to a fun and memorable outing for a year.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, things are different. The traditional workplace has been thrown out, with 81% of business leaders believing that hybrid work will be the dominant form of work by 2024. As organizations grow larger and work becomes easier, organizations are facing a Another question – how do we bring people. together for real life, face-to-face interaction?

There is no single right answer to this question, but it has its origin with the idea of the idea.

Teacher-led experiences through critical moments

When it comes to meaning, what you are talking about is the reason. In our modern world of work, the concept of “purpose” is key. Connecting people in real life, whether it’s for a meeting outside or working together in an office, should be driven by purpose. Think about it – how many times have you heard the word “I just came from a meeting that could be an email“? Or “We can do that Zoom…”

Building targeted experiences for your employees is the bottom line when developing a strategy for face-to-face interaction. This goes back to how you define your company’s culture as a core leadership team that holds employees accountable to certain values ​​and behaviors. By basing your plan for people meetings on purpose, you set the stage for the kinds of meetings that drive engagement, talent development, productivity, and performance.

So, before setting up any kind of real-life meeting, make sure the following questions are clear:

  • What is the result we hope to achieve with this meeting?
  • What method should be taken? Thinking, a 1:1, team building, etc.?
  • Would it be better to hold this meeting in the office or in an informal setting?
  • What value do we get by hosting this meeting in person with video tools?

What is the difference between an online and offline site?

As the names suggest, these are the types of organizations that vary by location and function.

Online events: an event to bring colleagues together in your office or a designated workplace. Typical activities include group meetings, collaborations, planning and organizing meetings, 1:1s, some workshops, and a social event or two.

Outdoor events: an event that brings together colleagues outside the office with the aim of creating an unforgettable experience among employees. These events can take place in nature, in another city, or in a hotel in your own city far away from your usual place of work. Usually outside events include team building activities, work events, community events, and more.

So, how do you know what kind of event to schedule?

Do I need to choose a website?

If you are thinking of organizing an online meeting for your colleagues or colleagues, it is important to understand what this requires. As with any meeting in real life, it is important to remember that the magic of meeting a person is about cooperation and cooperation.

Online days are not about getting the team to check things off their to-do list or work on asynchronous tasks in one place. These days are all about working together, sharing ideas, and letting those sparks of energy and creativity fly.

When setting up the perfect date online, here are some ideas on what you can do:

  • Fill the day with exercise sessions – get people into the same meeting room! Set a schedule for the day and fill it with meetings between team members to add value to the task at hand. Confirm their goals and objectives for each meeting.
  • Spray it in an outer box, problem solver tasks – depending on how your team is distributed, you may not often have the time to get their creative juices flowing. Getting team members to do something out of their daily routine together with someone can really kick their brains into high gear!
  • Don’t forget to socialize – Organize lunch or an after-work event for groups meeting online. Social activities like eating out, going to an escape room, or going out for drinks after work are great ways for groups to bond outside of a place. traditional work environment. It’s the kind of thing that encourages engagement and creativity!

Should I choose an external location?

Sometimes, you’re looking for more than just an online event. That’s when offsites come in handy! You want to get the group together for a few days, get them to make memories, get away from their routines, and have fun. The off-site team does it right!

Here are some important things to consider before planning your outdoor event:

  • What is the purpose of the exterior? Is it a corporate relationship? Compare goals and plans? Once you understand what your offsite is, everything will fall into place
  • Where do you host? Depending on the purpose behind your offsite, you need to find the right location for it. For example, if you are planning a 2-day training, you may need a room with meeting rooms, dining, and designated work areas. If you are very interested in building teams, then an office with a space or close to a place for activities is more suitable.
  • How long? Day out or night out? Or a 2-night job? When planning your project, remember not to limit your outdoor space to people who don’t have room to breathe. Remember, this is considered a fun perk so make sure your event history reflects that.

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