Olive increases financial management; Happify Health DTx curbs anxiety in psoriasis patients; and other health tips

Axios’ Erin Brodwin published a new study who saw Olive’s health care business start to increase its capacity and only use “critical thinking” to measure its costs. According to the report, Olive, which has pledged to fund healthcare systems, is only looking at savings if the customer asks. The report also highlighted Olive staff’s concerns about the industry’s lack of access to patient health information.

This report comes less than a year after the company closed It was a $ 400 million investment, which brought its value to $ 4 billion.

Happify has released the results of its real world psoriasis data. The researchers found that patients with psoriasis who completed 16 Happify activities in less than six weeks reported a 27% reduction in anxiety symptoms and a 27% improvement in overall health.

However, the study showed that people who completed activities under 16 improved their health score by 4.11% and reduced their anxiety score by 8.15%.

The research was conducted by Happify Health and was not published in a textbook.

Ourathe maker of the health -guaranteed ring, announced earlier this week that its value had reached $ 2.55 billion.

Although the company did not release further details, a statement was released MobiHealthNews an “oversubscribed” currency cycle was created. Oura said the new investment will go to research and development, personal information and new products.

It’s a very fresh start It raised $ 100 million in Series C funding in May 2021.

Oura showed his Oura Ring Generation 3 in October. The manufacturer said that the use of heart rate monitoring, blood-oxygen monitoring and a better sleep algorithm will be added to what could be used again after 2022.

Digital medicine and telehealth began Truepill is partnering with the COVID-19 testing company Curative to provide patients with access to the Truepill COVID-19 safe care facility.

When the customer successfully tests one of Curative’s testing sites, they can access telehealth consultations and antiviral medications through the threshold if necessary. Truepill has announced its COVID-19 health care offering on the first of December.

This isn’t the only Truepill virtual tool that directs patient care. In January, he started somewhere testing platform to assist customers in developing their direct-to-customer testing systems, including Truepill implementation and shipping orders. In March 2021, the company rolled out a network of diagnostics, medical supply and diagnostic tools for the labor market.

“The accessibility, speed and quantity of each COVID-19 response is critical, and this is especially true when it comes to administering antiviral drugs,” said Truepill CEO and cofounder Sid Viswanathan in a statement.

“We are excited to partner with the Curative diagnostic testing leader to provide a certified white -collar health care provider that can effectively access the treatment.”

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