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It has been more than a year since the introduction of the federal mask order to carry and require travelers to the U.S. to provide a poor COVID-19 test result. And even though the mask power was extended more than a month ago (and began to expire on April 18), travel industry leaders and travelers are showing their readiness for both demands. no longer.

How prepared was the United States to see the travel orders issued? This past week, we asked more than 700 US -based TripIt users if they would like to terminate, open, or continue orders – and whether those orders are about to be taken. in their plans to travel in the future.

What the travelers said showed they were ready to return to the normal journey. That is, the majority of respondents (54%) said they would like a federal mask order for removal. In addition, 60% of respondents said they would like the COVID-19 test for world travel.

Here is what the other journeys told us.

Most Americans are ready for masks on the planes to come

When we asked travelers what they liked about the federal mask order to wear:

  • 54% said they preferred a power mask no longer
  • 30% like the order it was extended again
  • 16% There is no desire On each side

When the mask loses its power, Nearly a third of respondents (32%) said they would probably go; 53% said terminating the order could not be completed. Only 15% said at the end of the order they would reduce the trip.

Is the order to end the masking on the carrier? Our data suggests otherwise. it’s true, 39% of respondents plan to always wear a mask on the plane and other public transportation; 28% said they would wear a mask if they got sick while traveling. One -third of trips (33%) said they would be made with masks if / when the order was completed.

Our data also shows that people who want to increase the mask order – the vast majority (93%) – continue to use masks in public transport even when there is none, with almost the rest working. during illness (6%) and less than 1% plan to no longer wear masks on public transport.

Nearly half of the United States will plan more travel trips if the test requirements are removed

Travelers have become more determined to open up to the demands of global testing. Our data shows:

  • 60% of respondents like the demand removed
  • 27% like the policy stay
  • 13% said they did There is no desire On each side

We also asked travelers how removing the global testing requirements would affect their travel planning. Nearly half (44%) said they would go if the demand was removed; Only 10% said they could not attend; and 46% said ending the policy would not affect their travel plans.

According to research data we released in early March, the United States’ aviation efficiency continues to grow. And as it turns out, with the readiness comes the desire for normalcy – and moving away from the dictates of the sick age.

Procedure: TripIt asked more than 700 U.S.-based users to understand their thoughts on the federal mask order to carry and the COVID-19 test requirement for world travel to the U.S. the review will be held April 1-4, 2022.

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