New Moon April 2022: Venus, Saturn and Mars meet in the moonless sky

The new moon arrives on April 1 – April Fool’s Day – at 2:24 am Eastern Daylight Time (1624 GMT), in New York City, according to the U.S. Naval Observatory two days before it passes in front of Uranus and three days before space. very close between Saturn and Mars.

New moons come when the moon is directly between the sun and the Earth. At that point, the two share the same celestial longitude, which is an estimate of the longitude lines of the Earth in space. This condition is called conjunction (which also applies to other celestial bodies). New moons will not be seen by astronomers unless the moon passes before the sun and creates an eclipse, but it cannot be done now (next month is April 30, to be seen only). South America and the Antarctic coast).

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