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Research of prayer

The limit of keto and protein is not the same.

The reduction in heart disease is associated with light and moderate drinking due to other factors associated with drinking – not alcohol itself.

More riboflavin, longer telomeres.

The loss of a child’s education is worse than the death of a parent.

GlyNAC improves ancient biomarkers in humans (and enhances the survival of rodents).

Recent Podcasts

The Primal Kitchen Podcast, Episode 24: Eating Sick with Dr. William Li

Primal Health Radio Coach: Danielle Meitiv

Media, Schmedia

Bird disease improves chicken production.

Do not remove these items.

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The creator of Ethereum supports the fight against vegetable oils.

Why children suffer.

Social histories

Risk rates for heart disease.

Think about…

The other things

How long soya has been used depends on the monkeys.

One reason a transhumanist cannot die is immortality.

Microplastics and abdominal health.

This is your rest.

Things I like and interest

Interesting podcast: Zach Bitter talks to Akshay Nanavati, who plans a 2700 km trip across Antarctica on a keto diet.

I’m not surprised: The link between a controlled diet and type 2 diabetes.

Interesting offer: “lion meat.”

large video: Saxophone!

The interesting theory of aging: Hyperfunction.

I ask questions

What do you do when you rest?

Food corner

Heart Capsule

One year ago (Mar 26 – Apr 1)

Meaning of prayer

“‘Would we – as a whole – be better off without new technology?’

The question is looking at the nature of technology.

Technology is the use of knowledge to meet work goals. Whether this is by cutting a chert at a slaughterhouse, raising animals, or googling an idea on the web – understanding our environment, and using that knowledge, it is an essential part of human nature. Today’s technology is nothing more than premodern technology.

A question about, “are we using our technology in the best way possible?” Are we using new technology to make our jobs better and our lives more fulfilling? Are we using our knowledge in a way to improve our lives and our world?

As a group, we are not ordinary. “

-Nani to reframe, Hate_me.


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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, the father of the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and New York Times best writer of Keto Reset Diet. Her latest book Keto for life, where he discusses how to combine a keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for better and long -term health. Mark is the author of many other books as well The first stepexpected with turbocharging in the growth of the first / paleo movement in 2009. After spending three years researching and educating people on the origins of food. dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellent health, Mark founded Primal Kitchen, a real food company. which makes Primal / paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen utensils.

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