Nepal could move to Everest base site

(CNN) – Nepal is considering relocating Everest Base Camp due to environmental concerns.

According to the Director General of the Ministry of Education of Nepal Taranath Adhikari, the Base Camp area is facing a problem from the melting of the nearby Khumbu glacier.

“We’ve received suggestions from a number of stakeholders to move the site. Although no decision has been made yet, we are taking these suggestions seriously,” Adhikari told CNN Travel.

These include locals, mountaineers and environmental professionals.

However, major changes will not be made quickly to Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth.

Because research activities can only be done in the spring, 2-3 years can be decided. Some studies were held during the spring of this year, which is the usual peak in May.

When all parties have completed their research, they may need to submit an application to the Nepalese government. The Cabinet of Nepal has the final say on the decision.

Adhikari described “anthropogenic activities” – perceived as human -like – and climate change as problems related to Base Camp. The Khumbu glacier is melting faster than the real thing.

A joint study by China and Nepal found the highest peak of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

This isn’t the first time fans have played out about environmental damage on Mount Everest.

A study in the Nature Portfolio Journal of Climate and Atmospheric Science published earlier this year revealed that snow has melted for about 2,000 years on the South Col Glacier in about 25 years.

Paul Mayewski, tour guide and director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, told CNN that the data showed “a complete change from what was seen there, in part. most of the time the people lived in the mountains. “

Landslides affect some of the world’s most precious places.

“Nepal alone cannot reduce carbon emissions and global warming.” Adhikari’s place. “But we can minimize some things by doing more volunteer work.”

He added: “On the one hand, we want to take care of the mountain and the glacier. On the other hand, we don’t want to disrupt the mountain industry.”

Comparing the desire to climb Everest with the needs of the local community is always difficult in Nepal.

Tourism is the fourth largest industry in the country, employing 11.5% of Nepalis in some way, whether it is working in a hotel or hotel or guiding visitors to tourist destinations. highest mountain in the world.

Permission to climb Everest is $ 11,000 per person. Part of the money goes to the mountain communities.

Allowing too many climbers to climb through the short window of time allowed by the weather can result in a “car crash,” and often have fatal consequences.

Mount Everest’s Base Camp is 5,400 meters (17,700 feet) above sea level.

The proposed area for a new campground is 200 – 300 meters (656 – 984 feet) below the current height.

Top photo: Campgrounds at Everest Base Camp. Photo: TASHI LAKPA SHERPA / AFP / Getty Images

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