NCAA Tournament: The 16 best picks

After the first four good days of the NCAA tournament (six if you count in the First Four), we had to hold on to our thoughts and bets for a while. Deep breathing is not wrong, but now is the time to dive again.

The Sweet 16 has a lot of serious competition, even if it looks like midnight is coming up for St. Louis. and Peter. You have to love the Peacocks, but they can’t ask for a better competition than the big Purdue. That game has the biggest spread on Friday / Saturday.

In addition to Gonzaga being a huge favorite in Arkansas, we’re looking at a lot of games that could really be won by each side. Not always so.

Here are the games I’m looking at over the next couple of days.


Michigan Wolverines vs. Villanova Wildcats
Wild cats -5

Michigan had the opportunity, and he did not participate in the dismissal of coach Juwan Howard for hitting a Wisconsin assistant coach.

Despite their differences, they are in the Sweet 16, which is what selected a team in the top 20 to start the season. You could argue that they were invited to the Grand Prix, but wins over Colorado State and Tennessee showed them more than they deserved. Things are going to be tough for Villanova. Big man Hunter Dickinson will have a strong game, and they will have to find fault constantly without PG DeVante ‘Jones.

Villanova, meanwhile, was strong in their first two games, winning at Delaware and Ohio State. After four days of rest, their deepest problem will not be a problem but Dickinson’s is great. Villanova was made for this time of year with his experience on the court and on the sidelines. The Wildcats need an easy time against Michigan.

At -5, Villanova is one of the Sweet 16’s biggest favorites. I want the Wildcats to win, and if you’re looking for a reason to bring them back to cover one too, the fact that they led the way. the land in free shooting. (82%) perhaps. They know how to maintain and improve leadership in games. It’s a valuable skill for supporters.

Take Villanova.

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Duke Blue Diabolo
Red Searches -1

Texas Tech is doing it again, using the elite shield to compete with the hierarchy of college hoops.

The Red Raiders need to play their best game of the season if they are to progress to the Elite Eight on Friday. They won good teams at the time but had nothing to gain from Duke’s talent. We all know what their path is, but whether they can deliver a victory remains to be seen. Duke is a group of players who are going to the NBA, many in the future. They have it all – talent, size, shooting, good training. Despite all that, they are little dogs against the Red Raiders.

Texas Tech played Gonzaga on a free court earlier this season and lost 14. Duke beat Gonzaga. That’s not the reason Duke is the team to return to this game, but it strikes a picture that is enough of superlative talent at times. It doesn’t demean the Red Raiders, but they’re over at this point, even if they can slow things down the way they did with the Zags. All Duke needs is one spurt to make the right separation for victory.

Take Duke


Iowa State Cyclones vs. The Miami Hurricanes
Hurricane -2.5

After St. Peter’s are the two small teams in the Sweet 16, and both want their time to progress because they are facing each other.

Iowa State was hot at the start of the season but was seen in the Big 12. Now the Cyclones are in a good position to move to the Elite Eight. Prevention is the key for Cyclones. Even though they gave scores of 54 and 49 to their first two opponents. If they can hold Miami like that, it would be amazing.

Miami’s strength is football. The Hurricanes are very visible and hard to sound because of the impact. The NBA isn’t sure of their perimeter player, but better yet, just ask Auburn.

This is a small number and who can win the game cover. It’s a battle over who will set the time that suits their strengths. I trust the Miami side with his experience, especially on the side.

Take Miami.

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