NATO imposes ‘deterrents and shields’ in Europe after the big alliance

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, U.S. President Joe Biden, NATO Secretary -General Jens Stoltenberg and leaders of the U.S. -led military take a family photo at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Monday. on March 24, 2022.

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NATO has agreed to strengthen its defenses in Europe before Russia continues its attack on Ukraine.

Speaking after a major military conference in Brussels on Friday, NATO Secretary -General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that the group had agreed to strengthen its ability to prevent terrorism. Land.

“Today NATO leaders have agreed to reorganize our long -term defenses and defense to stand for a new security reality. On the ground, we will have a lot of troops on the ground. The east side of the company is in high capacity, with equipment and supplies pre -arranged.., “He said.

“In the air, we will increase the number of jets and strengthen our air and missile defense. By sea, we will have warships, submarines and a large number of warships in the air. continuing education, ”he said, with members set to strengthen their cyber defense.

Further details will be decided at a group meeting in June, Stoltenberg said. A statement from the coalition at the conclusion of its meeting called Russia’s anti-Ukraine, “a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security for many years.”

“Russia’s war on Ukraine has broken the peace in Europe and is causing a great deal of pain and destruction of humanity,” he said.

World leaders in Europe gathered on Friday to discuss the war in Ukraine and how to help the country survive the Russian invasion. As the main NATO summit is based in Brussels, there are meetings of EU and G-7 leaders.

Before the summit, Stoltenberg said the coalition was working at a time when leaders faced “the most serious security crisis in a generation.”

Leaders will address this problem, he said, and its consequences “for Ukraine, for NATO and for the setting of universal rules.”

Stoltenberg, who extended his tenure as secretary general for a year, said NATO had agreed to expand its army on the eastern side of the alliance, with about 40,000 foreign troops. and the land and the important resources of the air and the sea were set up. under the command of NATO.

NATO had previously announced the establishment of four new military bases on the eastern side of the alliance, in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. These four new factions would be joined by four other factions already in the Baltic and Poland.

Stoltenberg made the remarks to CNBC on Friday when he said “President [Vladimir] Putin has done a great wrong and he has started a war, to attack, to oppose an independent government. “

“It has undermined the strength of the Ukrainian people, the strength of the Ukrainian people and the military,” CNBC’s Hadley Gamble told.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also spoke to NATO members on Friday and said in a statement that Russia had used phosphorus bombs in an attack.

“This morning we received phosphorus bullets from Russia, people were killed, children were killed,” Zelenskyy said during a speech via videolink at the NATO summit.

Separately, early Friday morning, the governor of eastern Luhansk province said four people had died after burning and using phosphorus. The governor attached unverified movies and video, which he said showed houses destroyed in the attack.

The claims of Zelenskyy and the governor of Luhansk could not be independently confirmed. Zelenskyy did not comment.

On Wednesday, the Pentagon could not confirm the use of phosphorus when it was reported by NBC’s Dan DeLuce.

Zelenskyy called on NATO leaders on Friday to increase military support for the country.

Russia “wants to go further, against NATO’s eastern members, the Baltic states, Poland for the truth,” Zelenskyy said in a video previously recorded at the NATO summit. Reuters reports.

“NATO, however, has not indicated what the alliance will do to save the people,” he said.

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