NASA to hold another test on Artemis, to clear the way for the release of Axiom Space


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NASA is currently in the process of trying to complete an initial phase test of the giant rocket moon Artemis at the Kennedy Space Center, which will pave the way for the first mass migration to the International. Space Station on Friday.

After another attempt this week to threaten the release of Axiom Space on a SpaceX Crew Dragon from Launch Pad 39-A nearby.

But NASA officials said a quick search for the cards would not solve the problems from the incomplete test.

“It looks like we’re going to take as much time as we need to for Axiom to fly, so we’re going to fall behind them,” said Artemis missionary leader Mike Sarafin. “We need to finish pencil sharpening in our public works but we don’t think it will be too long before Axiom starts.”

The Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule were affected by other problems and valve problems that were fixed to the electronic launcher where the rocket was located which stopped tanking for two days. The goal is to fill and melt both the upper and lower levels of the rocket with 730,000 gallons of super-cooled liquid hydrogen and water oxygen.

“We didn’t have any basic planning gaps or planning problems,” Sarafin said. “This has been well presented as a problem or in the form of a technical problem.”

The trial reveals the last major crisis before the missionaries can secure a lift for Artemis I, a non -flying aircraft that sends the Orion capsule on a four- to six -week journey around the planet. months and prepare the way for the upcoming cruise missions with a place. The return of men, including the first woman, to the moon’s surface for the first time since 1972.

The openable windows were previously announced June 6-16 and June 29-July 12.

“We weren’t ready to leave in the early hours of June,” Sarafin said. “We’re going to re -evaluate behind the wet cloth until we get to where we stand.”

Artemis Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson said the team has already scored one of the first two and three goals of the five high schools, so when they try again, they don’t have to start from the waste season.

“This is a test and the purpose of the test is to fully understand our systems and a set of start -up dates,” he said. “This is the first attempt at setting up a pad with cryogenics. So it’s a big day for us.”

With Artemis slowing down, SpaceX will be able to make its scheduled firearm on Wednesday of the Falcon 9 rocket to be used for the Axiom Space mission called AX-1 which is looking to send three customers paid $ 55 million each with an astronaut in the past. a 10 -day mission to the ISS. The rocket rolled into the bar Tuesday.

That plane was flying at 11:17 a.m. on Friday. The Space Launch Delta 45’s weather squadron shows good weather with 70% chance of good conditions. The weather is much better on Saturday with only 20% chance of bad weather.

The spacecraft, which intends to collide with the ISS on Saturday morning, will remain on the ground for eight days before returning its passengers to Earth.

Their departure coincides with the arrival of a Dragon Crew flight to the ISS with NASA’s Crew-4 mission to transfer astronauts on board for a six-month stay. The current flight no later than April 20 will be released from KSC and will have to separate its departure with ongoing tanking trials for Artemis I.

“We’re in a close relationship and interacting on a daily basis with our trade team and the International Space Station and LEO partners who are releasing more pads, and we know that’s coming soon. their first start, “Sarafin said. .

NASA gets another snag with the Artemis test at Kennedy Space Center, which could threaten the Axiom mission

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