NASA is releasing a space -saving program to train spacecraft

NASA is releasing a space -saving program to train spacecraft

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In support of the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to promote racial equity in the federal government, NASA has released its first Equity Project. The plan identifies key areas where the agency can focus on progress in improving diversity, balance, integration, and accessibility in and out of NASA.

“At NASA, all of our missionaries rely on our resilience at the same time,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “The Equity Action initiative enhances our commitment to re -discover and remove barriers that limit timeliness to undiscovered communities…”

The four main areas of the project are:

  • It increases the integration and use of contractors and services from underserved communities and increases equity in NASA’s marketing process.
  • Increase grants and corporate agreements to increase opportunities, participation, and exposure for underserved communities
  • Leveraging Earth Science and socioeconomic data to help reduce environmental problems in underserved communities
  • Increase external civic compliance and increase access to limited English -speaking populations in underserved communities

NASA will rely on specific locations by observing and evaluating findings from previous research for information. The first study sought information from the public about a number of NASA projects and policies that continue to protect and secure benefits for colorists and other communities. The department will also work to implement improvements to policies and programs that will align the spacecraft and provide additional opportunities in NASA, the aerospace industry, and STEM fields.

This initiative is the latest initiative of the organization’s Mission Equity initiative announced last year in response to White House Executive Order 13985, “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government. ”

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More information:
For more information about the Equity Action Plan and NASA’s Mission Equity initiative, see

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