NASA has launched the last major test on the mega Moon rocket

The large Artemis I stone is illuminated at night on a telephone launch pad leading to Launch Pad 39B from Vehicle As.

The large Artemis I stone is illuminated at night over a telephone booth that runs to Launch Pad 39B from the Space Station at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA on Friday began a rigorous two -day test of its large Space Launch System (SLS) spacecraft filled with mock -ups, as the agency prepares to return humans to the moon.

Seen as “dress rehearsal,” it’s the last major experiment before the Artemis-1 mission this summer: a lunar flight to be followed by shoes around the world, probably not before 2026.

“It’s our final design test before we start,” NASA chief executive Tom Whitmeyer said in a phone call with reporters this week.

The data gathered from the experiment will be used to complete a day for Artemis -1 – NASA says May is the first window, but later now.

It’s called a “wet” fabrication because super-cooled hydrogen water and water oxygen are pumped into the SLS from the earth’s systems, just like a real starter.

The 322 -foot (98 -meter) high rock – considered the strongest in history at the time of its construction – was unveiled at Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida in about two weeks. passed away.

The test begins at 5:00 pm Eastern Time (2100 GMT) with a “call to the offices,” when members of the flight crew arrive at their fire stations and start with a higher score at before 45 hours.

With the SLS rocket and Orion crew capsule attached to power, the teams will begin to load 700,000 gallons (3.2 million liters) of propellant, and streamline processes such as calming the count. Evaluation and other evaluations.

They don’t actually destroy the rocket’s RS-25 sensors, which have been tested before. Instead, they will finish the countdown about 10 seconds before leaving, in order to represent a “scrub,” when the release will be canceled due to medical issues. Technology or time.

The fuel will be exhausted, and a few days later SLS and Orion will be returned to the garage to make checks on how everything is running.

The test milestones will be posted on NASA’s blog for the Artemis mission, but the agency will not allow the public to listen to the inner voice, as has previously done for the Space Shuttle missions.

Whitmeyer explained that some important information, along with time series, could help other countries looking to develop long -range missiles.

“We’re really good at cryogenic release vehicles of this size and capability, (a) very similar to the ballistic type powers that our countries desperately need,” he said, but added that to the team to do it again. -evaluate the situation in the future.

NASA finishes in April for Artemis I launch, which can be booked in May

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