NASA gets another snag with the Artemis test at Kennedy Space Center, which could threaten the Axiom mission


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NASA looked to end its Artemis moon rocket tanking test at Kennedy Space Center after an accident that called for a scrub on Sunday, but a new valve problem prompted mission officials to call again. .

NASA officials first pulled the plug on Sunday in a tanking attempt at the combination of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule on KSC’s Launch Pad 39-B when it was unable to continue. by pressing and holding the telephone receiver where the equipment is located.

That problem was alleviated overnight, but Monday’s renewal effort fell short of its goal of filling and melting the rocket’s base and altitudes with 730,000 gallons of super-cooled hydrogen water and with water oxygen.

NASA teams were able to work around some problems Monday with the availability of liquid oxygen (LOX), but it was blocked before the hydrogen water was pumped by a vent, which was back to the phone publisher, who provided the click -through to the original site. of the stone.

“Due to a problem with the vent valve, the pilot canceled the test for the day,” read a post on NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Twitter. “The company is preparing to release LOX and is starting to discuss the speed of the car’s conversion for the next test. There’s a lot of training and progress today.”

The weekend’s delay was triggered by a domino effect that triggered the launch of Axiom Space on the International Space Station earlier than Friday.

That missionary, of course, who was caught between NASA’s Artemis tanking test and a SpaceX team’s flight plan for NASA later this month, could face challenges related to his starting times.

“The idea is to go ahead and take this flight,” said Axiom Space President and CEO Michael Suffredini. “The Commercial Crew-4 for ISS is behind us. So we are working with the ISS program to launch our flight before we land for Crew-4, and they will work together. with us in it. “

He is scheduled to arrive on Friday at 11:17 am but could be rescheduled if officials from Artemis, who is major at KSC, prepare for a new tanking test.

“We’ll work together – SpaceX, NASA and Axiom will work together to figure out where they want to put the blue cloth for SLS given our launch time,” Suffredini said.

Four Axiom spacecraft, three of which cost $ 55 million each with a former NASA astronaut, are in quarantine at KSC ahead of their planned 10-day mission called the Ax-1 .

The Ax-1 crew plans to board the ship for eight days, doing scientific events and enjoying the experience, but will have to leave in time for the flight of NASA’s Crew-4, which is scheduled to take off. Before March 20.

Since Artemis uncrewed the moon, NASA officials will not come and look at data from the tanking test. The rocket will be returned to the Air Force Base about a week after the end of the tanking test, and due to test problems, NASA will set up a start window.

The openable windows were previously announced June 6-16 and June 29-July 12.

NASA has launched the last major test on the mega Moon rocket

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