Moutai makes ice cream stuffed with baijiu

(CNN) – Moutai, a good and strong spirit known for its strong taste, is seen as the drink of choice among Chinese politicians and businessmen who seek to please their friends. .

And now, the prestigious brand hopes to be able to enter a young market by launching its first ice cream shop in Moutai, selling ice cream cones infused with the famous spirit of ice cream. 53% alcohol.

Moutai’s first ice cream shop opened on May 19 at the Moutai International Hotel in the city of Zunyi in southwestern Guizhou. The Kweichow Moutai group, which released the spirit, has the main office there.

Moutai is the most expensive type of baijiu, often referred to as the “national spirit” of China. It is almost the only alcoholic drink in the land but it is the most abundant drink in the world. It is given at festive events around the country, from weddings to business receptions.

While the price of baijiu bottles is as low as $ 1 at convenience stores in China, 500 milliliters to 700 milliliters (18 to 24 ounces of water) of Moutai is the average price from 1,499 yuan ($ 223). , and more than 16,000 yuan ($). 2,390) for grapes not at all. In 2021, a major Moutai case will be sold for more than $ 1 million in London – the highest price paid in a sale for a large number of souls outside of China.
The new Moutai ice cream shop opened on May 19, 2022 in the Chinese city of Zunyi.

The new Moutai ice cream shop opened on May 19, 2022 in the Chinese city of Zunyi.

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How does it taste

Moutai’s strong taste earned it the nickname “waterwater,” which many in China sought out for the flavor of ice oil and alcohol.

The ice cream shop will feature 14 flavors of Moutai -baked ice cream with matcha, chocolate and green plums, with prices ranging from 39.9 yuan ($ 6) to more than 100 yuan ($ 15) for service.

Those who have previously tried the ice cream describe it as a “delicious Moutai light”, according to local news reports.

Blended from sorghum and rice, a Moutai group goes through eight rounds of underground fermentation throughout the year, a process that gives the soul a delicious taste like soy sauce. . The notes of halo, caramel and sour herbs add a sweet taste.

The store will open on May 29, but currently has two flavors of Moutai ice cream: the original Moutai ice cream and the Moutai vanilla ice cream, each priced at 39 yuan. the service.

Heart -shaped ice cream products are on sale at the new Moutai ice cream shop.

Heart -shaped ice cream products are on sale at the new Moutai ice cream shop.

VCG / Getty Images

Moutai ice cream is more expensive than Haagen-Dazs, the most popular ice cream brand in China. But while brands like Haagen-Dazs offer advertising options through cold chains, now Moutai ice cream can be enjoyed at the flagship store.

The diners left the land craving the delicious ice cream dipped in baijiu.

“It looks like Moutai’s ice cream is going to be lumpy. I can’t buy alcohol, but I can buy ice cream. I’ll have to give it a try sometime,” said a post on Twitter -like microblog platform, Weibo. .

“When will the Moutai ice cream shop in Beijing open?” one asked.

Do not eat or drive

Kweichow Moutai is now China’s second -largest alcohol company by the public, with a market cap of over $ 338 billion.

The brand’s entry into the ice cream world has sparked excitement and controversy. A hashtag that translates to “Moutai ice cream is 39 yuan per service” has more than 180 million views on Weibo.

But while some thought Moutai might be a different choice for neck flavor, many admired the innovation.

“Why can’t Moutai ice cream be available even though there’s ice cream?” write a Weibo user.

“Moutai brewers can also start ice like the Moutai vintages. A salty ice cream with a baijiu flavor can be a market to watch as well,” said another.

Some people are waiting for the crossover to come, hoping for chocolate that includes Moutai, coffee and condensed milk.

Netizens, however, were quick to question the consequences of consuming alcohol.

“Would anyone get sick from eating a koni if ​​he couldn’t stand alcohol?”

Produced by the Kweichow Moutai company and one of China’s largest dairy companies, Mengniu Dairy, Moutai’s ice cream contains 50 grams per kilogram of milk, International Hotel staff said. the local media.

Because alcohol content is 3%, the research and development team says consumers should not drive after a meal and young children should not be allowed to shop.

Moutai is not the first brand to be inspired by the Chinese national spirit. Baijiu -baked pizza and beans first hit the market, and a chef in Beijing made a baked baijiu cake.

Top photo: Moutai bottles line the shelves of the brand’s ice cream shop. Available: VCG / Getty Images

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