Mother Utah climbs the highest mountains in the world

(CNN) – In 1986, American businessman Richard Bass made history by becoming the first person to climb the “seven hills,” the highest peaks from any country. That list includes some of the most famous mountains in the world: Denali in Alaska, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and of course Mount Everest.

But mountaineers aren’t the kind of people who just relax stories. For mountaineers, the seven peaks – the second highest in any country – are considered important.

These mountains are not popular, not popular with novice climbers or less adventurous. The most famous of the K2 companies is located on the border of Pakistan and China in the Karakoram Range.

The rest are just family names.

Ojos de Salado (“Salty Eyes”) on the Chile-Argentina border is the tallest volcano in the world. Mount Tyree in Antarctica makes it easy to climb by mountain ranges, but the difficulties of navigating the White Continent and fulfilling its climate change, that is, instead of only a dozen climbs to the top.

Only one man officially climbed seven of the two peaks, but there was something hot on his ankles to finish the set. And that’s not what most hikers think – she’s a mother of seven who lives in Utah and didn’t start climbing until she was in her thirties.

Throwing away the burden

Meet Jenn Drummond. Drummond is a player, and he loves toughness.

With his 40th birthday in the air in 2020, he decided to take his walking skills to the next level.

That year, he hired a climbing coach, with the goal of climbing Ama Dablam, a mountain in Nepal.

But after the closing, the coach revealed a new challenge – the Seven Second Summits. “She said, ‘You have seven children, seven lands,'” she recalled.

But climbing mountains is more important than training. Covid threw the whole world into chaos – suddenly, Drummond had to go to home school for his children, and the closing of borders made it impossible to go.

Currently, he has climbed Dykh-Tau, Mount Kenya, Mount Tyree and the newest Mount Logan in Canada. K2 is scheduled for summer 2022.

Drummond’s quest to reach the seven -second peaks became a much longer project due to an agreement on the counting of the seven peaks.

If you think about Australia itself, the second peak there is Mount Townsend in the state of New South Wales.

But for geographers who consider Australasia and Oceania to be part of the country, Sumantri is the second peak in Indonesia’s West Papua region. To ensure that his story could not be disputed, Drummond planned to go up in two.

Drummond climbing Mount Kenya.

Drummond climbing Mount Kenya.

ʻO Dan Terpstra

For it is there

In one story, explorer George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, the mountain that ended his life.

“Because it’s there,” he replied.

While it is not clear if Mallory actually said those words, they have long been a staple for other climbers struggling to explain why they endanger their lives and the members who climb the mountains. hardest in the world.

Drummond agrees. He wanted to climb mountains for work. But he knew that some of the stories had ideas.

“If I get a Guinness World Record, my kids really think I’m happy,” he laughs.

He wanted to correct some of the differences in the small world of the mountain range. For years, the image of a climber was a white man like Reinhold Messner or Edmund Hillary – bearded, heavy, snow -white men from Europe or the United States.

Organizations such as Full Circle, a black group of mountaineers who climbed Everest in May 2022, are showing the world important activities such as mountain climbing that people have the energy to do. to try.

Climbing mountains can be very stressful. People can die from high fever, falls and colds. But mountains are not the only ones providing problems.

In the case of Sumantri, there are two rival clans fighting for who owns the land there. And the ongoing fighting in Russia has resulted in many planes crashing into the country, making it difficult for Dykh-Tau to reach.

It’s expensive and time consuming.

The only cost to get permission to climb Everest was $ 11,000. It’s not about the plane, local buses, equipment and driving fees.

In addition, it can take weeks or months to reach some of the world’s highest levels due to the acclimation process.

For Drummond, the woman on the mountain was a treasure, not a weakness.

“There are really people who are as close to the mountains as I am to the mountains,” he said.

“For me, it’s better to live with a mountain. If you go to Everest and you’re in the Himalayan range, that mountain range in my opinion is very feminine. It’s a lot of love. It’s beautiful.” those who can’t remember. Life is honored, pray before going up the mountain. “

Her ascent became a way for her to spend time with her children, from the age of 9 to 15. Some joined her in the ascent, and others wanted to settle in the lower lands.

But they all watched their mother pursue her goal. Drummond used his mission as a way to inspire the children in their own lives.

“We’re going to look at Mount Everest,” he told them during a homework lesson, “but you have to do your math first.”

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