Mercedes “brings everything they can” to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Mercedes is set to fill the vacancies in the first racing teams in the upcoming races. F1 had its first race of the season in Bahrain last week and this week the teams are looking back quickly as they prepare for their first race of the season.

During that time of small change, it was harder for teams to look at what went wrong in the first races and prepare for improvements before the next. However, Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin said the German company was trying everything possible to cut the gap ahead. Speaking to the board, he said:

“I think we’re going to have some easy wins. I think there are some low -impact results and what we think is that we can get those things in the next race or two. It’s working. we’re in the race now. The factory is starting to bring in everything they can in the coming days. “

He added:

“We’re learning every day. Every time the car is out on the road, there’s a lot of work going on in the factory, trying to understand the science of what’s going on. is working but we are learning every day and if we have it. We have something necessary to bring to Jeddah, we will make sure we can get there by car. “

Mercedes: It’s all great!

Lewis really said ‘I’m going out’ 😂 And VB said ‘good’ 😜

Mercedes is about half a second slower than the fastest cars at Bahrain GP. Drivers are not as comfortable in the car as other companies.

The car is speeding in the right direction and is seen to have an effect on the laptime and lowering the wheels. When asked where the car went missing, Shovlin said:

“It’s a lot of everything !! There’s a pounding, the rest isn’t good, there’s no low brake pedal, we’re hard on traction, better steering, the wheels aren’t well trained. and the car is on the heavy side. “

He also said:

“We have a lot to do but in the same way, we have a lot to improve on and it gives us a boost because a year ago when we lived in Bahrain, that class wasn’t. names of places to improve. as much as now. “

While falling behind on the development button, Mercedes has kept a good eye on things and hopes to close the gap soon.

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