Making money in France can empower young people: A new report


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Introducing a basic budget to young people living in France will provide an important ‘leg up’ for young people not leaving the country, say the authors of a new report. The study, from the University of Bath’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and the Center for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA) at the University of Essex, will evaluate the different types of policy options considered for funding. in France and consider trade-offs. required as to the nature of the money.

There was evidence ahead of France’s first presidential election this weekend where candidates from the right and left said they wanted to increase access to low -income benefits (RSA) among the people. under 25, which is the current appropriate age. However, these ideas will not be universal.

This was the case with the left-wing candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who provided a basic grant or ‘autonomy grant’ to students in France. His plans will ensure that all students receive a free scholarship of € 1063.

There is money for all young people

IPR historian, Professor Matteo Richiardi, argues that there is indeed money to be made in France, but it is believed that the search for students can be reversed, as more and more people come. move from a better place and continue to earn more money. in the future. But his report supports low tuition (€ 337 a month) but for all young people aged 20-24, not just students.

The move will give young people a chance to enter the labor market and live independently. It can offer a more realistic way to try to make money in France; an idea that has grown exponentially around the world in recent years.

This can have a significant impact on young people and their families, but it can also have a significant impact on the general population. The report shows that it could lead to a significant reduction of 1.1% in the size of the poverty problem in France, as a whole. This is where the largest net losses are in the low -income families, and the largest net losses are in the highest -income families, indicating that the policy could be reformable.

Calculating the cost of earning money

The important question that policy makers need to weigh, however, is how such programs will be paid for. To address this, the new report looks at the costs of various projects in relation to their impact on poverty and inequality: from full funding for all banks, to small -scale initiatives. pointing to one group.

In terms of costs, the report sees funding an entire project that requires significant tax-benefit reform, including increased taxes and changes to existing benefits. In contrast, it is much easier to implement a small youth plan, funded by a 3%marginal tax increase, and no changes to personal income tax credits or benefits. currently available.

Professor Matteo Richiardi, Director of the Center for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis (CeMPA) at the University of Essex and lead author for the report, explained, “basic income is a viable option for tax reform in France. However, investors are facing tough markets. major changes in the tax system.

“Getting regular funding that was supposed to be only for one group would be better and sell politics now. Mélenchon’s proposal for student funding goes one way in this, but we think this will be better at a low level and spread everywhere.Young people aged 20-24 in France.This has a significant impact on their lives, providing support to their children. they enter adulthood and the labor market, but more importantly the economic and political potential.

The professor receiving funding from the University of Bath, Dr. Joe Chrisp added that “these days, the global financial crisis has spread in a way that has not been seen in the last decade, but has not always escalated to the real policy reforms. policy making in favor of the realization of income in France. “

“While many countries have done experiments that are supposed to have regular income, the report’s idea of ​​regular income for young people points to an interesting solution that could test the results. to provide adequate funding, and to address other issues including access to safety… among young people. ”

More information about giving and the motivating effects of earning money

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