Magnetic anomalies may be preventing the moon’s ice from melting

A map showing the hidden (blue) volcanoes near the southern pole of the moon (Photo: NASA Goddard)

In 2018, NASA astronomers received the first report of water ice on the moon. On the dark side of the crescent moon to the north and south of the moon, the snow is frozen in constant shade and seems to have been untouched by the sun’s rays, for millions of years. years.

The availability of water ice came with a new mystery, however. Although these polar holes are shielded from direct sunlight, they are not shielded from the sun, waves of material that are bound to erupt from the sun at hundreds of miles per second. This ionized wind is very erosive and should have destroyed the lunar ice in the past, Paul Lucey, an earth scientist at the University of Hawaii, said. said Science (opens on new page). And different EarthThe moon does not have a magnetic shield to prevent it from being harmed by these defendants.

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