Lyrid meteor shower 2022: When, where & how to see

The Lyrid meteor’s flight will be visible in late April and astronomers in the North will clearly see the dirt path of a comet with an orbit of centuries around the sun. Lyrid meteors fly in the sky between April 14 and April 30, so astronauts can see them through that window, weather permitting.

O Lyrid meteor shower

By the time: 14 to 30 April

the peak: April 22

Comet origin: C / 1861 G1 Thatcher (Comet Thatcher)

Zenithal hola hola (ZHR): 18

(The number of meteors seen by a single observer per hour of high activity with the sky bright, dark and shining at the zenith).

The height of the Lyrid meteor on the night of April 22, NASA meteorologist Bill Cooke told

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