London Heathrow extends parking caps until October

(CNN) — Europe’s “summer travel season” is about to fall as London’s Heathrow Airport extends its capacity until the end of October.

Overcrowding and understaffing are among the reasons for longer-than-expected wait times at airport security, lost luggage, delays and cancellations. to flights and other issues as many travelers abandon their post-pandemic vacations.

Amidst the threat of summer holidaymakers, Heathrow has canceled 100,000 departures per day until September 11.

Now, the airline will extend that limit until at least October 29.

“We want to open the cap as soon as possible, but we can only do so when we are confident that everyone working at the airport will have the resources to provide the service that customers need. we passengers,” said Heathrow’s COO, Ross Baker, in a press release. language.

29 October covers half of the UK’s school year, a popular holiday period.

According to airport travel agency OAG, 761,756 people traveled through Heathrow in the week of May 16, 2022. It is the first time Heathrow has captured the title of world’s busiest airport. from the onset of the disease.

The same report also revealed that air travel to western Europe tripled from the same period in 2019.

In its announcement, Heathrow’s representative noted that several other airports, such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam’s Schiphol and London Gatwick, have also imposed parking number caps. Schiphol is also closed until the end of October.

However, the Amsterdam airport cap is about controlling emissions as a long-term project to reduce air pollution, not because of summer travel problems.

What does this mean for travelers?

As CNN’s Maureen O’Hare previously reported, it’s not up to visitors to drive the truck on their own.

But the responsibility will fall on the airlines.

Those who have already booked their tickets should hold them unless they hear directly from the airline about changes or cancellations.

They can make new bookings, even if the flights are full and some airlines may reduce their flight schedules. It is possible that the decrease in available seats and the concern of travelers rushing to book could lead to the increase.

Another thing to note: like Heathrow, the cap can be lifted before October 29 if there is a “solid picture of better quality and increasing economic levels.”

Top photo by Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

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