LionBird, AmerisourceBergen raises new business funds related to health startups

Two health -related business funds began their launch this week, supported with millions to spend on health care startups. Earlier this week, former health publisher LionBird announced $ 85 million in funding.

Just a day ago, healthcare company AmerisourceBergen opened a new $ 150 fund investing in healthcare startups called AB Health Ventures.

LionBird plans to ask Israel to use its new currency, LionBird III, to invest in 15 to 20 primary health care providers. The company has previously included more than 30 public health services including TytoCare and Ovia Health.

However, AB Health Ventures is using its $ 150 million to invest in mid -range health startups. The fund plans to assist its subsidiaries with prototyping, testing, marketing and marketing their products.

Why it is

Over the past decade, health funding has continued to grow. In the year 2021 Rock Health reports that total funding for healthcare startups in the U.S. is $ 29.1 billion. That number will rise from $ 14.9 billion by 2020.

The amount of routine work increases over time. Rock Health reports that in 2021 the average amount will be $ 39.9 million, up from $ 30.8 million a year ago.

Although health care funding has been slow Q1, there is a lot of interest in the digital health sector.

“We believe that technology will play an important role in the future of health care – changing care, perceived and cared for – and we continue to strengthen this belief that we know we welcome waves of new interdisciplinary talent and promise to enter the domain, ”LionBird’s key partners said in a joint statement.


AB Health Ventures and LionBird aren’t the only corporate funds that focus on primary and secondary businesses. Where aa CB Insights reports that 45% of business -to -business health care providers fund primary careers, and 41% of businesses contract funding to intermediate careers.

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