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  • 2 – White Apple
  • 3 – Extremely wrong planning
  • 4 – Some good things, some bad ones
  • 5 – Not inappropriate
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Price: $ 59.99

NZXT Hold the mouse on the table
Marcus Mears III

NZXT released its lightweight and easy -to -use Lift Gaming Mouse in March 2022, featuring four mappable macro buttons and a variety of RGB lighting options. But with a lot of competition at this price point, the NZXT rat isn’t always there.

Here is what we want

  • Simple RGB, DPI, and macro editing
  • Paracord wire
  • Easy for fast navigation
  • Voice over options

And our inaction

  • Price
  • Page buttons are not natural

NZXT’s history isn’t short on providing gamers with good PC chips, but you probably don’t think about the future of mice and keyboards. The Lift mouse and Function Keyboard lineup is set to establish a career in today’s peripheral market in a color -friendly and customizable way.

How does the Lift hold up against competitors at a price of $ 59.99? What does it mean to browse the web or make FPS games? And if you want to configure macros, how does the program use it? Here’s what you need to know.

Perspective and Perspective

Pick up the gambling mouse
Marcus Mears III

A place where NZXT knocks out the park with the Lift is a design. The black and white color options are easy on the eyes, and look even better when you use one of five color options such as blue, cyan, purple, red, or yellow. The range of colors makes it easy to match the PC box of your setup, TV, Accent Function Keyboard, and mousepad.

Speaking of colors, there are two groups of RGB underglow lights on each side of the mouse. They create a shadow of light on your mouse that can look even better when you adjust the settings on NZXT’s standard lighting program, NZXT CAM.

I really appreciate the NZXT logos under the radar found on the back of the mouse body and under the left mouse button. Some manufacturers attach their logo to the front and center of the mouse, eliminating the design style – this is not the case with the Lift.

While the matte finish creates a velvety look on the outside, it should show off oils and smudges on a daily basis after a season of product or play.

Moving on to the concept of the Lift, there is some good news and some even better.

If you’ve used a Razer DeathAdder, the mechanical modifications of the Lift’s Omron, which is rated for 20 million clicks, you’ll see your fingers crossed. They are very consistent giving them it is not difficult to press many times to make rapid progress.

See NZXT Lift Gaming Mouse page
Marcus Mears III

Buttons, however, are a different story. They think it’s hard and unnatural to press unless you want to use a hand grip.

The DPI button at the top of the Lift, while easy to use when you want it, can’t be locked. Fortunately, the RGB underglow illuminates a color that alerts you to the DPI side you just converted (available in the NZXT CAM directory).

While I would love to see a wireless option, a good phone is a close second. The Lift’s 2m paracord sheath USB 2.0 offers low traction when moving level, but more than not.

At 67g in weight, the Lift isn’t the lightest mouse on the market – you won’t find a honeycomb design here, though – this is more of a good balance between haptics and aesthetics.

From a product standpoint, the Lift is adequate. Its simplicity is small and there are no manual problems during long periods of use, and with small macro settings, you can cut some time out of your process.

When it comes to gameplay, the Lift doesn’t hurt much – it’s a game mouse that will perform the task if you don’t survive or die every millisecond of response time.

NZXT CAM: Not bad

NZXT CAM Software Mouse Touch

To my knowledge, there are fewer desktop applications that run your peripheral than the user. Hidden options, long attack times, quick crashes the usual distractions you won’t see with NZXT CAM.

Running is normal when Windows starts, but you can disable that on the Settings page if you like. Mac and Linux users will be disappointed to learn that NZXT CAM is not supported on their platform, and there is no expectation that it will come with every OS in the future.

The UI is simple and complex, adjusts new RGB values ​​almost instantly in the mouse, and most importantly, isn’t hard to find what you’re looking for. I noticed a bug where NZXT CAM didn’t see the Lift after starting my PC, but quickly unplugging and restarting it worked.

All you need is under the Mouse panel. If you want to change the brightness, choose a preset like “Wave” and customize it to the way you want it.

You can set up to 4 DPI Settings per profile with the ability to add images as you wish. The Lift uses a maximum of 16,000 DPI and converts to 100 DPI increments. If you want to change the RGB value for each setting, you can do so with a few clicks on the far right.

Lastly, you will see the Macro settings. You have the option to print the two side buttons (Mouse Forward and Mouse Back), the scroll wheel (Middle Click), and the DPI button.

Is the NZXT Lift rising above the competition?

On the one hand, the NZXT Lift does everything you would want a normal sports mouse to do. On the other hand, there is a drawback that can be seen in the price. At $ 60, it’s hard to justify buying over more powerful options or options like the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless mouse or the Razer Viper Mini if ​​you don’t mind a small mouse for half the price.

If you like honeycomb designs, the HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse offers better performance in areas such as high speed of viewing (IPS) and conversion time, similar DPI controls , and $ 10 is better.

With that said, it’s better to get an NZXT Lift on sale if you’re looking for a new mouse, or if you have a Function Keyboard and are looking to match accent colors.

Number: 6/10

Price: $ 59.99

Here is what we want

  • Simple RGB, DPI, and macro editing
  • Paracord wire
  • Easy for fast navigation
  • Audio suppression options

And our inaction

  • Price
  • Page buttons are not natural

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