LetsGetChecked is affiliated with the genomic team Veritas Genetics

LetsGetChecked start diagnostic at home dives into the genomics sky with the availability of Veritas Genetics and Veritas Intercontinental for an undisclosed number.

“By combining Veritas Genetics’ genetics and Veritas Intercontinental’s genetics with our scalable virtual care system, we can use the power of whole genome sequencing to start a whole life of personal health care. That’s our goal, ”Peter Foley, LetsGetChecked CEO and founder, wrote in an email to MobiHealthNews.

The brainchild of Harvard geneticist George Church, Veritas Genetics was founded with the goal of properly organizing the entire genome. His services also include full genetic profiles and medical records. In 2019, the company announced that the cost of the whole-genome process could drop to $ 599.

The service can assist users in interpreting their data about the condition of the carrier, diagnosis, medical conditions, types of medications, conditions and so on. health and ancestry.

Veritas Intercontinental is a subsidiary of Veritas Genetics that specializes in global genomics gifts.

“The acquisition of LetsGetChecked by Veritas Genetics and Veritas Intercontinental is expected to cover the first quarter of this year,” Foley said. “We are focusing on ensuring the Veritas brand is integrated into LetsGetChecked. In the coming months, we will launch a platform that collectively serves our goals and core values. support a new organization. “

Why it is

In addition to the possibility of integrated genome sequencing, the availability opens the door for panel experiments such as pharmacogenomics, cancer and carrier screenings, and maternal-fetal testing.

“Through these acquisitions, LetsGetChecked will use the power of entire genome sequencing to begin a complete lifecycle of private health care, providing the most comprehensive health testing and care management on the market. , “Foley said in a statement.

“By combining the capabilities of Veritas Genetics’ and Veritas Intercontinental with LetsGetChecked’s scalable diagnostic and virtual care infrastructure, we are able to turn complete genetic information into relevant advice and lifestyle changes, led by medical technology. “

The company will begin rolling out the PGx platform to health care providers, manufacturers and customers, Foley said. MobiHealthNewsand at the end of the year the company will begin an entire genome sequencing panel.

Foley said M&A will play a role in the company’s B2B and D2C strategy. He knew that genomics services would be available to B2B customers before and after customers.


In June, LetsGetChecked took over $ 150 million in Series D funding. This increased the company’s total revenue to $ 260 million.

The company has several competitors in the home diagnostics space, as well Everlywell, Scanwell Health and Cue Health.

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