Launch Canada is setting the dates for the first Rocket Innovation Challenge

At the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Launch Canada and Stardust Technologies announced a new partnership and set dates for Canada’s first major rocket competition, the Rocket Innovation Challenge.

Launch Canada President and founder Adam Trump has been trying to keep this competition “out of the world” for a number of years with the main competition scheduled for August 2020. Illness has delayed the competition until right now.

Launch Canada said the competition will take place between August 1-6 in the small Ontario community of Cochrane, home of new partner Stardust Technologies. The competition will be in conjunction with the Stardust Festival organized by a new organization founded by Stardust, called the Stardust Alliance.

According to Launch Canada, the competition is an annual event designed to help “Canada’s strongest and fastest -growing student rocketry community take their careers to the next level, while giving giving them an unprecedented learning experience, using the joys of rocketry as a place to promote STEM education, and developing a broad knowledge of Canada’s public sector and talent.

Launch Canada expects over 20 schools to attend and involve over 1000 students. Registration for the contest is now closed.

Trumpour said “we have a unique opportunity to use the complexity and excitement of rocketry to create hands -on training opportunities to nurture a new generation of unparalleled multidisciplinary aerospace talent. It’s a great time. this gives Canadian students from a variety of backgrounds and countries the opportunities they need to pursue cutting -edge aerospace programs and gain a career, even in a challenging field such as ‘rock science’. this is starting, and I’m excited to partner with Stardust and the city of Cochrane to take this to the next level. “

The competition “has two main components for high -volume rocket launches – one for vehicles using commercial rocket motors, and one for vehicles using water and hybrid propulsion systems developed By students – and technology development to encourage rocket innovation – related subsystems and component technologies. ”

“The Stardust Festival will include a wide range of activities with aerospace and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) at their core, including public events, a tradeshow, symposium, gala, and mental health an exploration of Indigenous culture Launch Canada is excited to be able to strengthen relationships between the Canadian rocketry community, First Nations and northern communities through our joining the Stardust Alliance.

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