Keith Redmon filed a lawsuit against anonymity about the termination and claims that the “Smear Campaign” of sexual harassment was formed.

Keith Redmon filed a lawsuit against former Anonymous Content creator on Wednesday alleging his termination last year and said the company had made a “smear complaint” against him. with malicious allegations.

In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Redmon is seeking non -payment and 25% of Anonymous’s involvement in the TV series’ revenue. Schitt’s Creek.

In the lawsuit (read here), Redmon said Anonymous “created a pretext” for evicting him last June “for a reason” and then refused to honor his contract of employment and other rights belonging to him. He said the business “Eventually, he used a publicity stunt designed to falsely brand Redmon by printing it as a who commits many acts of fornication without flesh, it is not true. In his cruelty, the current leader is unable to execute a leader planning completion in a practical and professional manner. “

Redmon had been with the firm for nearly 20 years when he left. He was one of the Oscar-nominated actors To the Revenant. The news of the lawsuit was first reported on Variety.

More to come.

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