K2 was his only major ascent

Hong Kong and Islamabad (CNN) – The world’s second-highest mountain, K2 in Pakistan, has welcomed a record number of climbers this year amid a rise in post-traumatic fever.

Some 207 permits have been issued to climb K2, said Sajjid Hussain, a tourism official in Gilgit Baltistan, the region bordering China that is home to the Karakoram Mountains, a range that has five if the Pakistan’s elevations are above 8,000 meters (26,000 feet).

K2, reaching 8,611 meters above sea level, is considered by mountaineers to be more difficult than Everest.

But the warm weather in July is the best time of the year to climb the peak, and the ease of travel compared to previous years and a stable political situation in the country, is believed to have contributed to the rate of increases.

Another reason is the pent-up demand that developed during the pandemic. With some of the world’s highest levels of immigration difficult to access due to Covid-related border closures, many climbers have turned away over the past two years to save money and prepare. to return to the mountains.

Although K2 is more difficult to climb, it is better than Everest.

Permits to climb the world’s highest mountain cost $11,000 per person, and must include travel costs to and from Nepal, clothing, equipment, food and including hired guides and Sherpas.

Currently, a K2 climbing permit – which usually covers the four “eight thousand” nearby – can be had for $7,200 for a group of seven people.

It’s not just the number of permits that have been recorded this year.

Mirza Ali, the founder of the mountain group Karakorum Expeditions in Pakistan, said that 20 women reached K2 this summer.
Among that group are Samina Baig, the first Pakistani woman to climb the summit, and Jenn Drummond, the American who is seeking to become the first woman to climb both Seven Summits, “the second highest mountain in every country..

K2 was the last mountain that Drummond would climb to establish his historic record.

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