Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were reportedly in a street fight

Ua hakakā ʻo Colby Covington (hema) lāua ʻo Jorge Masvidal i nā alanui o Miami.

Colby Covington (left) and Jorge Masvidal fight on the streets of Miami.
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We have seen this story before. Instead of the octagon, it was fixed in the world of professional wrestling, when the entanglements of the square circle were not enough to determine the numbers between the two competitions. The fight between two of the UFC’s best welterweights was reported flowed through the streets of Miami this Monday evening Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington an alleged quarrel with an unknown friend of Covington.

The event has everything of a car race. We’ve had jabs before the network, a game before, with Covington giving Masvidal his third straight loss earlier this month at UFC 272 via a unanimous decision, and the duo stayed on the same city. All that’s missing is the well -designed camera angles that clearly show the “sneak” attack and emit the detector in a bad light.

Surprisingly, the simple story is turned up in this scene. Masvidal, it’s better to play with a baby doll, the word wrestling for the kind of people who have fun, it’s what is said to be inspiring and invigorating. Covington nurtured an ankle man, the canon villain, into his UFC career. The two contestants on camera will make good boxing photos. Masvidal joined the American Grand Prix in All Elite Wrestling last year, giving a running knee kick to Chris Jericho, as well as his five -second kick to Ben Askren in July 2019. Also in attendance was UFC alumni Andrei Arlovski, Junior Dos Santos. and Paige VanZant, who last signed an AEW agreement earlier this month and received start learning under former WWE star Gangrel.

Covington played his pro-MAGA persona, a style that has been promoted in wrestling in recent years, since the October 2017 win over Brazilian wrestler Damien Maia in Sao Paulo. He called The land is “cast out” and the Brazilians “a bunch of unclean animals.” He has always pandered to the field of subsequent President Donald Trump, taking the UFC Welterweight Championship to the Press in 2018. Similar attacks have been made on Kamaru Usman, Tyron Woodley and LeBron James. And Covington has shown himself to love pro boxing. reporting to Sports Illustrated Earlier this month he would “want to go on top” to a WWE career when his MMA days were over.

Masvidal has also caused a stir outside the UFC in the past, including Usman himself on the radio line -up of the Super Bowl in 2020. When he was spotted for AEW in the clip on top, she wore Dolce & Gabbana, far from the old dress. After knocking on Askren, he did not go to his corner to celebrate. He decided to climb the earth where Askren was prone and continue the conversation.

The debate outside the ring was mentioned from this Covington interview, where he said of Masvidal: “If you don’t do these things, I can’t talk. If he wasn’t a dead father he wouldn’t talk to his children. He is trying to erase the mother of his children and his wife, who is in law on paper, Marisa Masvidal, from the history of the site. UFC President Dana White did not say what happened or the low profile among his most famous fighters. Masvidal said on social media, complaining about him on Tuesday morning.

According to Miami Beach police, Masvidal was charged with felony criminal mischief. A third person involved in the controversy lost teeth, according to Miami Beach police. No one has complained from the incident so far, despite TMZ get the video from the said soil. Covington is seen wondering how Masvidal found himself eating dinner after a lot of trash talking between the two of them.

There are dozens of pro wrestling stories where off -field fighting is integrated into the story. Stone Cold’s Steve Austin had a fight with Booker T in a store and Austin had a fight with Vince McMahon in a hospital room. John Cena threw Edge in Long Island Sound. How about Triple H’s home attack on Randy Orton?

The difference between truth and falsehood in the allied warfare is no greater. Ronda Rousey, Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar, Dan Severn, Matt Riddle, Ken Shamrock and Shayna Baszler wore the bras in both rings. And the best outcome of the Masvidal / Covington fight outside of Miami Beach restaurant Papi Steak was to settle their difference in a UFC pay-per-view down the line. Good recording. White knew he needed to improve in this case, as written in pro boxing.

The other results aren’t fair and the two contestants find themselves talking to people about buying tickets and pay-per-views. The small problem doesn’t change the law for every man on the big pay day they get for re -competition, regardless of the outcome. Remember the world tour that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather teamed up, just kissed and locked up shortly after the end of the wrestling match, portraying the whole thing as a relationship hoax. government to earn more money? Covington and Masvidal may have really hated each other but they were real showers who knew how to stay close. They will continue to play the tropes of pro boxing if they need it in their library.

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