Job seekers are facing a prison -related problem

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The new study was published March 11 at The crime by Sadé Lindsay, a politician at the Cornell Brooks School of Public Policy, former detainees knew there was a “prison certification problem” when deciding whether to use certificates from prison education and training programs when looking for work.

The research article, “Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t: How Formerly Incarcerated Men Navigate the Labor Market With Prison Credentials *,” discusses the problem facing thousands of job seekers in a little information about the professions is recorded in advance. seeking assistance in evaluating these certifications.

“Employees can use, or misuse, certifications in a variety of ways,” Lindsay said. “Some may use certifications to monitor pre -registered applicants, hindering their ability to secure good practices.”

Lindsay conducted personal interviews with 50 men detained in Franklin County, Ohio to understand how they worked without being aware of this problem when looking for work.

Prison certificates – program certificates and work experience obtained in prison – are seen as a consequence against the poor identification of a criminal record through certification. Ensuring that workers are not offenders who are pre -registered and ready for work. However, Lindsay says the effectiveness of these assurances in the labor market has changed significantly between studies around the 1960s.

Lindsay noted these differences in the problem of prison certification and found the use of these certificates to be very different among previously incarcerated men. In his study, participants often wondered if they should use their prison certificate, and if so, how to make sure they didn’t just sign the negative traits they wanted to resist. upon receipt.

The nation has a responsibility to the crisis. Black men are reluctant to show prison certificates because they fear being stereotyped and returned to low employment due to racism and structural racism, Lindsay found. However, black men rely heavily on prison certificates to accurately demonstrate trade -offs against these stereotypes.

One practical, brief summary from something as simple as changing the office name on confirmation. Prison certifications can be obtained from educational organizations and professionals outside the prison to ensure that these organizations are more closely connected than the prison itself, Lindsay said.

Officials killed the detainees, believing they were soldiers to prove the atrocities

More information:
Sadé L. Lindsay, Woe if you work, woe if you don’t: How pre -arrested men drive the labor market with prison certificates *, The crime (2022). DOI: 10.1111 / 1745-9125.12307

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