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Wanting something you need will lead you to find a way to solve problems and avoid consequences. Infertility is a disease that prevents you from achieving your goals. Infertility affects both men and women for a variety of reasons, but technology has offered a treatment in the form of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) therapy, which increases your chances of getting pregnant and giving birth. to you as a parent.

In this article, Dr. Mohit Saraogi is one of the best IVF doctors in Mumbai to explain the complete IVF process with The cost of IVF in Mumbai. He or she will also discuss what you should do if you are undergoing IVF.

What are the steps of the process?

To understand the nature of IVF, one must first understand what it means. This will help explain what is behind the treatment process. The first step inside IVF treatment Which is to take medicine to help the ovaries produce healthy healthy eggs. This is known as ovulation induction. Routine examinations and blood tests are performed to evaluate hormone levels and the process by which the egg is formed.

You need to follow the doctor’s instructions and guidelines while waiting for the ovary to produce mature eggs. During your treatment you need to take care of your health by eating well, exercising regularly, and staying calm and resting. The best IVF office in India will take good care of you in terms of improving your health, allowing you to produce mature eggs that are ready for fertilization.

After careful examination, if your doctor determines that your ovaries are producing too many eggs, this procedure should be followed. Egg retrieval is the process of removing mature eggs from your ovary through a small incision. This is an important task that needs to be carefully considered in order to unlock the best options. To preserve the eggs, a black tube is inserted into the vaginal canal and travels to the ovary and follicles. To continue the process, a piece of equipment gently pulls out the seeds and removes them.

After that, the seeds are mixed with sperm from your partner or donor and stored in a special container for fertilization. The slow or slow moving sperm is inserted directly into the eggs, and after waiting for a positive result. Once the division begins to become embryos, the cells are examined for several days.

Finally, it is time to transfer one or more embryos into the womb, a process called Embryo Transfer. Pregnancy occurs when one or more embryos attach to the lining of your abdomen. Doctors insert more than one embryo to improve the quality of the pregnancy.

The cost of IVF

Process The price is at Saraogi Hospital, Mumbai
IUI Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 9,000
IVF Rs. 90,000 – Rs. 1,00,000
ICSI Rs. 1,10,000 – Rs. 1,30,000
Ice Cream Download Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 40,000
Hatching Laser Assistance Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 17,000
IVF money book Rs. 75,000 – Rs. 85,000
IMSI Rs. 1,45,000 – Rs. 1, 65,000

What will you do if you are having IVF?

Keep a calm attitude and avoid putting yourself in difficult situations, because it is your desire and determination that will make the job successful in the long run. IVF treatment is a long process, and to get the best results, you need to live a lifestyle that suits your body’s needs.

At work, stay in your comfort zone.

Yes, it’s hard to manage time and relax while managing IVF, but you should try to stay in your comfort zone before putting yourself under undue stress. Empowering yourself to work can increase your chances of success, which is good for the process you are going through.

Consider mindfulness relaxation techniques.

You need to engage in some healthy exercises to increase blood flow and keep you on your goal. Early morning walks in the grass, prenatal yoga steps, aerobics, and gentle swimming are some of the best exercises you can do to keep your body healthy. to heal.

Eat healthy foods.

Foods high in carbohydrate, zinc, folic acid, protein, and lipids, as well as adequate water, help the body meet its basic needs. Before eating anything you should consult your doctor. To achieve the desired results, it is important to balance the diet.

Feedback and problem solving

Few were successful in the first place; Most men require some rounds of maintenance, and some men are unable to conceive. It can be a stress reliever for you, even if you try to conceive for a long time. Hormone medications are given to you and your wife, which can change your personality and, in other words, your relationship and relationship.

Before you start any treatment, you will be given some advice. You need to seek ongoing counseling to help you and your partner deal with any emotional or relationship problems you are having.

Joining a fertility support group can help you address any issues that may arise during your IVF care.


Maintaining fertility is considered safe, even though all medical procedures can have a number of negative side effects. Side effects of hormonal contraceptives administered during preparation for egg retrieval may be a side effect of IVF. During egg retrieval and embryo transfer, there is a small risk of common complications.

Your nurse practitioner will work with you to make sure that the medications you are receiving are as safe as possible. If you have any concerns, even if you have had serious IVF side effects, you should always ask them.

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