It’s better to go with Contiki for 10 reasons

If you’ve ever seen a Contiki, you probably find yourself looking out the window every now and then. Thinking of all the fast friends. Personal laughs, deep drunken conversations, silly pictures, songs, delicious food. Feel nostalgic for all the amazing things you’ve seen with the best people. Thinking of the horrible love at the kick-off, the end of the trip turned into tears of love.

But what if the result isn’t right? Now that you’ve seen the tour, it opens the door to the life of the tour. So if you’re thinking about circle 2 (or 3 or 4) but you don’t know how to do the above, we’ll tell you why Contiki is better than second time around.

(And third, fourth, and so on – you get the picture. Like a leather jacket, Contiki looks better when you wear it).

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