It transforms an A330 into an exciting experience like a yacht

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(CNN) – The fact that mega -wealthy people go to great lengths to make their private jets suitable for their lifestyle is nothing new.

And we’re not talking about your typical business plane. For years, world leaders, royalty and billions of dollars have regulated the types of planes that most of us fly to the market, built by the likes of Airbus and and Boeing.

But the options are growing on the table.

Among the leaders of the traditional sport is Germany’s Lufthansa Technik, which has recently developed a cabin concept to take the boost from a must -have for the wealthy – the superyacht.

According to the company, the EXPLORER wide-body VIP cabin concept fulfills two goals for aircraft owners: to take their planes close to everywhere at any time, while also serving on as a campsite when they go – where they sleep and enjoy fun activities. and excursions.

Like a superyacht.

The Lufthansa Technik team has selected the Airbus A330 to represent the concept and has released a series of translations showing the possibilities.

These include bedrooms, bathrooms, bars and dining areas. But more importantly, it’s a restored veranda – a floor on the front fuselage side that can be extended outwards when the plane is boarded, sitting at a height of four meters above the apron. .

Coming to a nearby hole is a highly integrated projection system for virtual reality. From the window sill to the ceiling. Customers can choose their own lighting and images, using a state -of -the -art design system to create features such as green forests and a sky full of stars.

The BRABUS Adventure Lounge

The BRABUS Adventure Lounge: A place to keep the players.

The BRABUS Adventure Lounge: A place to keep the players.

Coutesy Lufthansa Technik AG

The EXPLORER concept was first launched in November 2021, and the company unveiled a new addition to an airline in Geneva in May – the BRABUS Adventure Lounge.

The concept places the living room on the back of the A330’s lower deck, which can be viewed from the main deck through the glass floor.

In addition, the superyacht, with its garage for tenders and players, is the main driver. A selection of cars can be stored in the Adventure Lounge for use after landing.

The concept features a small BRABUS 1300 R model, made in conjunction with Austrian car manufacturer KTM.

Wieland Timm, head of sales for VIP and special mission flights at Lufthansa Technik, told CNN Travel via email that the reception room shows “one important feature of the nature of this type of search.” to fly.

“Only the best cars are parked on the lowest level available,” he explains. “Upon landing, they can be released and give passengers the freedom to watch the current location for more details.”

That’s why Lufthansa Technik chose the A330 for the EXPLORER concept, Timm says this spacecraft “provides the ideal space for a wide range of design ideas and the perfect space to meet specific needs. of the EXPLORER goal group. ”

However, he realized that some kind of EXPLORER could be installed in space planes such as the Boeing 777.

Who is showing interest?

According to Timm, the team intended for the EXPLORER was created by “‘ normal ’wealthy people who travel and explore the world with the most beautiful and – more and more – all – personal, but the carriers of such high -end flights. (Offering, for example, 14 days around the world at a cost from $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 per week).

He said they expect some owners to take a hybrid route.

“For example there is a wealthy person who owns an EXPLORER aircraft, but he only uses it for one month of the year. For the rest of the year, this person will also hire his / her crew / users.”

The photo of the terrace.

The photo of the terrace.

Coutesy Lufthansa Technik AG

Now, the response is much better, he said, knowing that they have received inquiries from customers looking to implement one or more of EXPLORER’s technology devices. new or future building projects.

He noted that the owner of the aircraft may not take the whole idea, but given that the technology can be made, the building can be built as described. However, customers can change some designs according to their own preferences.

“The simple reason why the VIP Completions service, especially for space planes, is that it is an independent company that meets the personal needs of the owner …

How close is that superyacht experience?

Given that superyachts have more freedom in terms of anchoring and maneuvering, we asked Timm how often people own an overnight stay on their plane while on board. the earth on an airplane.

He said the other planes would allow them to park their planes and almost “stay” there for a while.

“Some of our customers have used this before,” he added. “The reasons are different and related to how often these customers use the aircraft in their office and therefore find their customer online.

“Other people want to stay on the plane at night for safety reasons. In the EXPLORER use case described, however, the airport is operating at the home base and starting for flights. / Find out more. ”

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