Iowa killed 1.5M chickens and cattle for bird flu

Iowa farmers announced two new bird flu outbreaks to the business community on Tuesday demanding the killing of 1.5 million chickens and turkeys.

One of the new diseases will lead to the killing of 1.5 million chickens on an egg farm in Guthrie County, about 60 miles west of Des Moines. Another is on a cattle farm in Hamilton County, about 65 miles north of Des Moines, where 28,000 birds have died.

After they were killed, the birds were buried in compost pits on the farms.

Iowa State Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand said the diseases come from moving wild birds.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says 17 states have experienced commercial or external illnesses this year. The disease has infected wild birds in about 25 states.

With the addition of new Iowa cases, the U.S. poultry industry has killed more than 15.6 million chickens and 1.3 million turkeys since Jan. 1. In Iowa alone, diseases were found in seven industrial families and two backyard sheep.

Iowa agricultural secretary Mike Naig said the situation could improve because the spring would continue to move for several months. There is a lot of confidence in timing and improving biosecurity in farmers, he said.

Naig said the economic downturn this year was too early.

“This is a difficult time for chicken producers, not just those who have a disease,” he said.

Food prices have been high due to rising supply chain problems, and if bird flu is exacerbated by enough farmers, the price of chicken, turkey could rise. and eggs.

Health officials said they did not know of any people with bird flu in the U.S., and the disease was not immediately reported to medical professionals. Sickness from birds can spread the disease to humans, but these diseases are rare and do not lead to chronic disease among humans.

The worst bird flu outbreak in the U.S. occurred in 2015, when more than 230 farmers in 15 states contracted the deadly disease that led to the deaths of 50. millions of birds. The economy is estimated at $ 3.3 billion, according to research published in 2019 by an Iowa State Science Association.

In 2015, cases did not appear in Iowa until mid -April. This year the first Iowa case was confirmed on March 1.

Bird flu is what killed 5.3 million chickens in Iowa

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