Introduced ESA Careers Week: 2-5 May 2022


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Want to know more about applying for a job at ESA? Would you like to hear about the projects our company is working on? Would you like to join our web design service? You can do this and more at ESA Careers Week from 2 – 5 May – keep it up to date!

What is ESA Careers Week?

ESA Careers Week is the first time that ESA has dedicated an entire week to raising awareness about the career opportunities we offer. Join the live events to first hear about ESA staff working on current projects that provide aerial exploration and gain insights on how to work for ESA.

ESA Careers Week will also include a job fair hosted on the ‘Let’s Get Digital’ platform, with live speakers, Q&A meetings with ESA staff and one -on -one interviews with HR consultants.

ESA is waiting to start your business; what’s up oe kali no?

Who can go?

  • Graduates and undergraduates
  • Businesses at every level of their business
  • Anyone interested in the air and curious about what an ESA business can offer!

How can I join?

More information about participating in live sessions will be coming soon on our website. You can view live seasons or be required after the event. To get involved, you need to sign up (for free) on Let’s Get Digital when the link goes live in mid -April. Sign up for ESA business news and be the first to know when enrollment opens.

In time…

Check out the opportunities right now at ESA!

Our vacancies are always posted on our hiring website where you can apply, check the status of your application or set up a job alert with your language choice.

Be sure to sign up for our business news so you don’t miss it anytime.

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