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Hamburg (CNN) – Traveling for a long period of time is more common than fun, but one airline planner believes it can change the financial journey.

Alejandro Núñez Vicente’s idea of ​​the Chaise Longue Airplane Seat began last year, as a university program for 21 years. A nomination to the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards – the highest award in the aviation industry – followed quickly, and the event became the subject of a lot of online attention after a CNN Travel article.

Since then, Núñez Vicente has been making waves in the world of aviation. She retired from her master’s degree to pursue the program full -time. He talks to the airline and housing companies. He was given a large budget to enable the project to develop.

But while people were amazed at Núñez Vicente’s innovation, others returned, worried about claustrophobia and believed that living under someone else would be better, not better, than before. of the current aviation economy.

“I grew up listening to critics and listening to bad words, rather than listening to the good words and the flowers they throw at me,” Núñez said. Vicente, speaking to CNN Travel in Hamburg, Germany, where he is revealing his plan. at the 2022 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX).

His daily routine, so Núñez Vicente says he wants to hear what the passengers have to say, good or bad.

“My idea here is to change the economic class seats for the betterment of the individual, or for everyone who can’t afford better tickets,” he said.

Núñez Vicente gets more ideas this week. AIX is one of the world’s largest aircraft demonstrations, and it is launching the first full -fledged prototype of its design.

CNN Travel visited to see what it is like to fly in a double seat.

Trying to make sense

The Chaise Longue aircraft will be on display at AIX 2022 Hamburg.

The Chaise Longue aircraft will be on display at AIX 2022 Hamburg.

Francesca Street / CNN

First, the high level. Núñez Vicente designed the prototype with two stairs similar to the stairs that hikers use to enter the upper level. It was a bit of a hassle, but when I got there it was comfortable and comfortable, and there was plenty of room to stretch my legs. The prototype seats do not move, but each is arranged in different positions to show how they can fit.

Núñez Vicente’s design completes the building above. Instead, he created space between the upper and lower levels for travelers to pack their bags.

In the main halls of the Hamburg Messe conference hall, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be so close to the ceiling. Núñez Vicente thinks it is about 1.5 meters away from the occupant from the plane. He argued that while a traveler may not be able to stop directly there, many people are not able to stop directly in the regular traffic lanes – although this design will probably make these high -speed trips more difficult. .

Then, trying the bottom row. Núñez Vicente’s frustration with the lack of footwear was the main reason for planning, and by not having a seat on the same level in front of me, I was able to stretch my legs, and there was a rest. feet for extra comfort.

However, because there are more seats on me and on my eyeline, it feels pretty claustrophobic. But if you don’t mind the stalls, and you plan to just sleep through the whole flights, it can be a worthwhile endeavor.

The next steps

Places such as coconut trees have footpaths for riders to spread their legs.

Places such as coconut trees have footpaths for riders to spread their legs.

Francesca Street / CNN

The Chaise Longue was originally intended for the Flying-V, a new aircraft concept being developed at Delft University of Technology, Núñez Vicente alma mater.

Now, he believes the design could be implemented on a Boeing 747, Airbus A330 or other space shuttle.

Núñez Vicente is optimistic and confident that his project can become a reality, but he also recognizes that other airplane ideas are not always possible from the idea to the truth. It’s a lengthy process, and critical industry rules and regulations can become roadblocks.

In addition, the pilot seat hasn’t really changed over the years, even though many revised ideas have been raised by developers.

“One of the words I get a lot of is‘ If it’s not broken, why change? ’” Núñez Vicente agreed. “So if passengers are constantly flying in bad economy class seats, why should we give them a better option? Make money. That’s the goal of the airline. the end of the day will not improve your flight. “

However, the home planner is taking the next step in his process, engineering the home more easily than he currently knows.

He wanted to team up with an airplane or a resident to do that.

“Right now, we’re showing the market what we have.

Núñez Vicente may have worked with professionals with years of experience, but the program began in his bedroom at his parents ’home, and his family was heavily involved in the process.

He was at AIX with his parents – they drove the prototype Chaise Longue on a car in Europe and helped him set up a seat in place.

“Of course, in the beginning, no one thought this was going to happen until today. But they all knew I could do something,” Núñez Vicente said.

“If you had asked me before, I would have said it was just a college program. [work], after the efforts of many – I will now say more truthfully. We see this as the future of the economy. “

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