Huge explosives vibrate in the sun, blowing a “cannibal” gas universe around the world

The Sun is rising!

Since Monday, March 28, the Sun has emitted 17 or more solar flares – more intense melting than the release of magnetic energy. The latest event took place today, rising at 1:35 pm ET (17:35 UTC), according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. This is the kind of fire that is the strongest.

Solar flares are the most important explosive events in our solar system.

Some of the strongest flames were seen on Monday. This was combined with the release of two large clouds of hot gas trapped with magnetic fields. Moving at about 2 million miles per hour, the second of these coronal mass ejections is obtained and combined with the first, producing what scientists call “CME. cannibal. ”

And human food goes straight to Earth. This required the space weather center to issue a strong geomagnetic weather watch.

If left unchecked, this major disruption to the Earth’s magnetic field, called the magnetosphere, could beautifully reflect northern lights across a large part of North America. Auroral demonstrations can arrive in southern Oregon, Iowa, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts Wednesday night through Friday.

The Sun’s work began in a circle about 11 years ago. Scientists do this by looking at the number of days. These blackheads are often associated with sunlight, the release of coronal mass, and other stimulant activities.

In December of 2019, solar activity decreased, marking the end of Solar Cycle 24 and the beginning of Solar Cycle 25. Since then, activity has increased. This week, we had a great demonstration of what it means! And it will be even stronger.

The orbit is expected to reach a crescendo by 2025. At that time, the entire orbit of the Sun will be rotated, with the magnetic poles shifting north and south. Then the work begins again.

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