How TravelPerk makes managing business travel and expenses stress-free

If your company is remote, back to the office full time, or a combination of the two; If you’re a finance director managing business travel for your company, you’ll know how important it is to have simple processes to track your spending. This is due to the increase in business travel needs and is predicted to continue to increase across the board.

Managing business trips and financial reports is not easy. Regardless of how you book your business travel, whether it’s through a traditional travel agency or booking flights and hotels on third-party websites, your finance team will be well aware of the struggle. tracking credit card receipts, managing complex administrative processes. and trying to get ahead of their travel budget.

Here are 3 key ways TravelPerk takes the stress out of driving business travel expenses and expenses.

1. Get the real time reporting on business travel expenses

TravelPerk is a travel booking tool with an intuitive mobile app where you can book all your travel in one place. Our professional travel agents have the best list of travel suppliers on the market, which means you have more options to choose from and guarantee the best rates. Our travel management platform is designed to simplify the booking process and travel management.

By keeping everything in one place, our online booking tool allows financial institutions to reduce travel costs, manage their travel budget, and ensure cost control. travel related.

Allow us to explain…

Let’s say 8 team members are visiting a conference in Barcelona next week. Instead of every partner booking flights and accommodation through other online providers, creating a dream for your finance team to manage, if they book with TravelPerk they will receive You have all their travel and travel expenses recorded in one place. With our reporting tools, your finance team can see, in real time, where the money is going, and stay ahead of the budget.

The days of tracking receipts to book travel expenses are well and truly over. With TravelPerk, all of your group’s travel costs are available in real time.

Our comprehensive reporting process means you can make better-informed financial decisions. Our reporting tool is as flexible as you need it to be. You can create reports to show spending per company, employee, travel service, refundable VAT, and more. Reports are available to export so you can create a comprehensive view of how your business is spending money and whether you are under or over budgeted.

Find out how easy it is to track your business travel budget with Travelperk

2. Combine your passions well expense management level

Simply put, we want to make business travel management easier for your entire organization. This means a better user experience for your finance company, travel agent, and business travel.

With TravelPerk, you can not only see travel expenses in real time, we provide one click integration with your favorite travel management solution. Allow you to book your travel and manage business travel expenses in one place.

This means that every time you purchase a trip on TravelPerk, the total cost of your trip will be automatically added to your rental management tool. So you can keep all the expenses related to the same business trip (including “down route” costs like food, taxes etc.) in one place, giving your finance team in full view. Magic!

We partner with leading asset management software such as Expensify, Ramp, Divvy, Yokoy, Circula, etc. Check out our marketplace for a full list of our rental management partners.

3. Automatic travel policies and general spending limits

Rather than having your corporate travel policy hidden away in your company’s shared car somewhere unseen and forgotten, with a travel management company like TravelPerk your travel policy is ‘baked’ into the process work. It makes it easier for your travelers to stay loyal and encourages employees and travel managers to make well-informed choices when booking their next business trip. (That often encourages savings across the board!)

When they make a booking on our site, travelers can filter through the search results to “by policy” and if they forget to do this, we will always notify them if a policy or hotel does not exist. .

Here’s an example of how it works with TravelPerk:

Our platform also allows you to easily set custom spending limits and different permissions for different groups or individuals within your organization.

Doesn’t your sales team want to book business class flights? no problem! Need to approve small travel arrangements for your CEO? Simple!

Here’s what personal travel policies look like with TravelPerk.

Integrating your policy into our travel management software will not only improve travel policy compliance but also your internal processes by allowing you to set up automatic approvals.

So what does this mean in practice?

If Olivia, in your sales team, is going to New York for a client and book a flight in the policy, rather than waiting for her team leader to approve the trip, you can to arrange this to be accepted – from his journey. projects fall within the budget. Likewise, if your finance team wants to fully monitor their travel budget and approve each trip, you can set this up! Either way, you have full control and flexibility to set up the approval process in a way that works best for you all within the TravelPerk booking tool.

Find out how TravelPerk takes the stress out of business travel

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