How TravelPerk can help you improve travel policy compliance

Making sure employees don’t spend on your business travel budget and stay within the policy is a huge challenge for many businesses. Since business travel is a big part of your overall business budget, you need to keep this in mind.

In this article, we’ll guide you through how TravelPerk works to implement a simple travel policy for your entire organization. From keeping Claire’s money happy with simple policies and approval processes baked into our platform, to keeping your travelers happy by giving them freedom book their own itinerary and make well-informed choices that actually fall within the budget.

5 ways Travelperk can help you improve travel policy enforcement

Improved travel policy information

First, travel policy knowledge is key. If your team hasn’t read your policy, how can they? If you’ve taken the time to create a strong business travel policy, you need to make sure employees actually know what’s in it! Obvious, right?

But many companies have their policies hidden away in a shared drive or on the company intranet – where they are easily forgotten and employees can’t access important information when they need it.

With TravelPerk, there’s no excuse when travelers say they don’t know what’s in the policy! We make identification and compliance easy by allowing you to enter your corporate travel policy into our booking tool. This means that employees don’t have to sift through lengthy policy documents or try to find your hidden travel policy deep within your organization.

Once you’ve uploaded your travel policy to TravelPerk, it’s seamlessly integrated into their business travel plans, so travelers always know whether their flight, hotel or train deals are relevant.

Here’s an example of adding your policy to the TravelPerk platform…

Travel freedom and complete peace of mind

So, what are the additional benefits of importing your corporate travel policy into our platform?

For one thing, it’s a challenge for managers and travel managers by giving employees more power to book their own trips and make informed choices while staying. always in the budget.

Second, it gives your financial team peace of mind. (No more hot nights for Nigel, your CFO…)

For example, if an employee tries to book first class flights to a conference or tries to book a penthouse suite for a corporate retreat, our booking tool will automatically flag it as out of policy. Check out an example below.

For added peace of mind and increased control over your business travel budget, we recommend setting up perks within the TravelPerk platform. Therefore, if an employee tries to book a trip that falls outside the policy, you can appoint a team leader or travel manager within your organization to be responsible for approving that trip.

Does this sound like it? Dive deeper into our approved picks below…

Save time by allowing travel

Another benefit of importing your travel policy into the TravelPerk platform is the ability to get personalized travel deals.

For example, if Mario in Marketing is booking a train and hotel for a networking event next month and this falls within your travel policy (good job, Mario!) you can choose this business trip will be eligible for TravelPerk. Now Mario doesn’t have to wait and chase his team leader to let him – he’s good to go even though he’s stuck with the policy!

Within your TravelPerk account settings, you can set up the approval workflows you want, who this applies to in your organization, and who is responsible for reviewing the proposed business trip. done. Here is an example below:

So, in this case, the out-of-policy trips for those 3 trips to Matt are allowed. We also offer a late addition, where Speed ​​up approvals by 80% by sending notices to the drivers of any new journey to accept. Dream!

Finally, you can choose how much control you want in your business travel books. Do you want to accept every trip? Very well! Excited to book travel within the accepted policy? Great!

We also provide flexibility to set up different permissions for stakeholders. For example, if you want C-Suite hotels and flights to be approved, your approval process in TravelPerk would look like this:

Allowing travel offers the best of both worlds: full control of your finances without micromanagement. They save your company a lot of time by removing the need to check every trip if it falls within the policy. And in turn, this increases employee satisfaction.

You can change travel privileges at any time in your account settings within TravelPerk. Gives you flexibility and control over your business travel budget.

Personal travel policies

TravelPerk also gives you the opportunity to set up different business travel policies for different members of your team. In general, we often recommend keeping your corporate travel policies simple and straightforward. But if you need to set different rules for different groups, to help improve travel policies, TravelPerk makes this easy.

For example, you may need to set different travel costs, bus rates, and hotel room rates for your executive team than the rest of your team.

Here’s an example of how easy this is with TravelPerk:

Total knowledge of travel expense

Do you realize you’re overspending your business travel budget but don’t really know how? You are not alone.

With TravelPerk’s powerful reporting tools, you can easily see in real time where budget is being spent and who is affected by the company’s travel policy.

Is your marketing team neglecting your travel program and booking trips at the last minute, costing you more trips that could be half the price? Or do your sales teams spend a lot of money on taxes when they can use public transportation? With TravelPerk’s reporting, your manager or finance team can segment reports by company, group, travel service, and more so you can easily monitor traveler behavior and Discover travel trends like these to stay ahead of your budget.

Book a demo today to find out how TravelPerk can manage business travel by giving you flexibility, complete control over your spending, and keeping your money on track. offering the largest travel directory on the market. Find out why we’re trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

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