How TravelPerk can help reduce frequent travel hassles

The travel crisis is making headlines around the world. Late flight cancellations and staff shortages have contributed to continued and frustrated travelers.

Business travelers are also caught up in the chaos. Anyway, the ‘show’ must go on, right? Business travel is important and despite the challenges, you know that travel is key to business growth – you’re not alone in thinking this.

In fact, according to a 2022 Tourism Economics survey conducted in collaboration with the US Travel Association, 73% of executives are considering business travel. 91% of executives say they prefer to close a deal in person, even if it requires air travel.

The good news is that business travel doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, above all, these resumes show how Choosing a new business travel site that you can trust has never been more important. sit back and make changes whenever you need to.

Hassle-free business travel with TravelPerk

The Tourism and Economics survey found that two-thirds of respondents felt ‘one-sided’ when dealing with things like booking flights, hotels or hotels. Lost baggage claim while traveling for work. However, with the right corporate travel insurance, you won’t be alone in managing your business trips.

TravelPerk is doing everything it can to help reduce the hassles and problems of traveling for work, giving you ways to manage stress during the business travel.

As follows:

1. Continuously improving our customer service

In comparison to other providers in the market, TravelPerk did not cut employees during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, we are adding more staff to our customer care team every week! This allows us to better support you during the flight process, answer all your travel needs as quickly as possible and ensure you experience our 7* service.

Support from a real person

Between the increase in flight cancellations and the latest travel changes, for the first time, We have a customer service team available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email. This means you can connect with someone when you really need travel assistance.

We offer support if you need to change or need help due to changes made by your travel agent.

Improving our technology and app features

We are doing the TravelPerk makes the user experience even better by using common customer requests.. This means you’ll benefit from quick and efficient answers to common travel questions and our expert agents can focus on more complex travel issues. you face.

For example, our easy-to-use process can help you quickly access support if a flight is canceled, even make it easy for you to request travel changes or cancellations directly from our app in small pressures.

In addition, we continue to improve our booking policy and acceptance rules to allow travelers to book independently, while ensuring that agents manage their budget.

There are others plans to start exhibiting permits if there is a change in a travel book, so the changes can be saved well after booking or changing the travel.

The TravelPerk website and mobile app have a flight status feature, giving you the ability to check the status of your flight. The mobile app is better because if notifications are turned on, you will receive alerts if your booked flight is delayed or canceled.

FlexiPerk makes business travel the easiest. You can add FlexiPerk protection to your travel plans, you can book in advance – if the airfares are cheaper – and you can. complete your registration up to two hours before departure a get back 80% of your money.

FlexiPerk is perfect for business travel and weight management because can be added to single flights, entire travel bookings, or all business bookings for peace of mind.

3. The largest selection of business travel options at your fingertips

TravelPerk offers the largest travel directory on the market, meaning you’ll never be short of business travel options. You can quickly and easily view and book other travel solutions in no time, whether it’s flight tickets, train travel, or car rentals, the TravelPerk platform has you covered.

4. Join AirHelp

We partner with companies from around the world to expand our capabilities and the services we offer you. One of the latest additions to the TravelPerk family is our partnership with AirHelp – the world’s largest airline benefits group, to help you claim compensation for cancellations in flight.

The partnership with AirHelp allows them to use TravelPerk’s flight data to find flights that are eligible for reimbursement. If you experience a delay or cancellation, as a TravelPerk customer, AirHelp can process your claim for compensation.

6 tips to help you stay ahead of travel problems

TravelPerk offers you many ways to manage stress during business travel, but there are other things you can do to improve your business travel experience, including:

  1. Download the TravelPerk app – Integrating the TravelPerk app on your iPhone or Android means you can access airline promotions on the go and instantly contact our 24/7 customer service team if you have any problem
  2. Check the airport and/or airport website – A day or two before your departure visit the website of the airport you are departing from or the website of the airline you are flying to check for updates and warnings. If there is a problem, you have the opportunity to plan other travel options with TravelPerk.
  3. Choose an alternative route or leave the airport based on the current service situation – If air travel cannot be avoided for your business trip, then we recommend choosing an alternative route or leaving the airport if the person you are booked to fly with is at risk.
  4. Travel with hand luggage only – You don’t need to check other bags and you can store your luggage in the airport. This means you won’t have to wait for the luggage carousel when you leave the ship, and it will reduce the loss of your luggage.

    💡Direction: Make sure you bring a full bag on your flight, so you know it’s not just a suitcase or hand bag that you’re allowed to take on board.

  5. Thanks for posting earlier – To avoid huge airline bills and get your flight on time, we recommend paying that little bit for early departure. There is no better way to manage stress during a business trip than to board the ship and prepare yourself before your flight.
  6. Go to the airport first – Depending on your departure flight, it is better to get there 2.5 – 3.5 hours before. Arriving at the airport allows you to get your boarding pass, find your gate number and go through airport security checks before you depart. You can relax, grab a bite to eat, grab a coffee and browse the duty free shops knowing you’re ready to travel.

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