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Many men find themselves able to climax more than their partners want. To manage premature ejaculation, there are many different options to consider. Edging can be used in a natural way to help you stay longer in bed while playing with yourself. You can start this masturbation exercise when you are at home with time on your hands to masturbate or with your partner. Female education through red, Dr. gives. William Henderson called edging technology similar “Proper treatment for the long term.” “If edging isn’t good for you, get a dose of Dapoxetine prescribed by your doctor. First prescribed as an antidepressant, it works wonders for men with PE,” he added.

What do you think of the Edge?

This means going up to what is called “ejaculatory inevitability” —the orgasmic point of no return — and then going down for a minute before the game starts. As a husband, you probably know what it means to not return. The main goal of edging is to change our perception of sexuality. While more intense and deep orgasms as side effects are good for you, they are not the main reason for most men.

Ejaculatory inevitability applies to that area in the path leading to ejaculation where the incisions are located in the ductus deferens and therefore the prostate moves the egg out of the tubes where it is always kept in the urethra. There, ejaculation is caused by the rhythmic contractions of pelvic muscles – about every 0.8 seconds – releasing the ejaculation in waves from your penis.

It can be annoying at first, but once you get used to it, you can expect to increase your enjoyment and performance. Edging delays your orgasm – it can be very stressful – but it can be hard if your partner doesn’t know what you’re feeling. Consider discussing this before you go through sex.

The key to being good at edging and creating power after your orgasm at any stage is about knowing what it’s like to be in time before then. Before watching porn, think about what you think of your body. After you reach the tipping point, separate the power over the unwanted flow.

What is premature ejaculation?

There is no set time for a man to melt in bed, but if you melt and lose your erection beyond what your partner expects, you and your partner may find that you don’t have enough time to have fun. eat with pleasure. Between 30% and 40% of men have it at some point in their lives. It can be irritating and embarrassing for both partners.

Men with low levels of serotonin in their brain take a short time to ejaculate. Other factors include stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, lack of confidence, negative feelings about women, normal hormone levels, etc. In men who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can be seen. In addition, anxiety about sexual activity promotes a sense of rapid ejaculation. It’s a strong habit to finish.

How to get to the Edge on your own?

Step 1: Save time

Keep at least 30 minutes from the day no one will bother you. Lie down and start masturbating like you always do. Keep the grip tight and tight. Slowly build up the growth.

Step 2: Find out

When you go down to see the signs of reaching the summit, stop quickly. It may be troublesome in the beginning. Just like training or practicing, you can push the time to stand as long as possible.

Step 3: Fix

Hold your masturbation until the whole feeling flows. Do not start masturbating again, even if you notice that the erection lasts less than a minute.

Step 4: Next cycle

Now you can start again. It will help prevent you from having an orgasm too soon. Repeat these exercises about 4-5 times until you reach orgasm.

Activity Step 5: Mastery

After using edging technology, you can expect a slight increase in your time between your ejaculation and ejaculation. You can use lubes or condoms coated with benzocaine to soothe your edging process.

How to use Edging with a partner?

Step 1: communicate

Comfort your partner and try to talk about the mood at bedtime. Make sure he is a participant.

Step 2: Teamwork

Build a slow and firm foreplay and don’t sit on the fighting side because you can start your end quickly. So go slow. Let your partner know when you are about to flow and release the game for a while.

Step 3: Start slowly

Female educators say that foreplay is the best way to get to know your partner. So don’t jump right in. Allow your partner to build levels of the game.

Action Step 4: Cool Down

Hold on to all your emotions the urge to ejaculate. It may help you finish in a couple of minutes. Also, don’t overdo it on the first try. Things take a long time, and so do they, because this is a learning process. Also, you need to be sensitive to the needs of your partner. So when the game is over, the hand or mouth can be used to move the other pieces.

Action Step 5: Finalize

You can do a variety of things during the edging process. You can either pull your penis all over or stick it in and break the key. Some men want to continue with a slower pace. Also, be more creative than you are.

Why Do You Want Your Orgasm To Be Delayed?

Not all people are addicted to adultery. This is a hetero-normative concept of sexuality. You can’t ignore the fact that a man is a good performer to release the people from their heads and into their bodies. It’s about the moments that build up and lead to orgasm. Dr. William also shared the truth that orgasm is not the idea, but the joy of the moment.

Here are some things that can help you get stronger:

Consider taking medication

Poxet 60 mg is a drug to treat premature ejaculation. You can delay your ejaculation by as little as 3-4 times. It is considered to be the fastest way compared to antidepressants. It increases the level of the natural chemical, serotonin in the brain that sends to the nervous system and slows down the nerve endings that cause ejaculation.

A study done in 2007 showed that Sildenafil was a safe and effective way to prevent premature ejaculation, although a study published in the early 2000s found that Sildenafil reduced life expectancy in men. a minimum of 11 minutes for men aged 32 and over. .

Dapoxetine is a good option to try. It is quickly absorbed and eliminated from your body, so it is considered safe for regular use.


4 to 5 percent benzocaine is a killer that reduces the heart rate of the penis and gives you more time until you feel like ejaculate. Many condoms like Durex or Trojan offer condoms filled with benzocaine to lower your penis for a while.

Type of reduction

In addition, one of the best methods is the “squeeze technique” where the male partner gives a hand to delay ejaculation and prolong the duration of intercourse. You need to place the thumb, forefinger, and middle fingers around the tip of his penis, and press immediately before you reach ejaculatory inevitability and continue pressing until that feeling has subsided. and relax your body, rather than slowly releasing the pressure.

Kegel training

You can prevent premature ejaculation by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. You can get this by standing between two and three times when you urinate. Try to do it about 10 to 20 more times each day. You will notice the changes after 6 weeks. Medications such as acupuncture and massage can also be done with traditional herbs.

Consult a Medical Practitioner

Although the above methods are a good experiment, it is best to talk about them. It may cost you money at first, but it is the best way you can have a healthy and happy health. It may take a long time for your doctor to find the right medicine, but don’t give up right away. Also, talk to your doctor about any changes you notice.

In summary

Most of the time the problem is in psychology more than your physiology. Once you know where your side is, you can drive around without fear of getting caught. Also, learn about the changes and adapt them. Encourage your partner to talk about him or her first or he or she will hurt him or her later. You can book for the second round!

Don’t worry if your build slows down, there will almost always be some right afterwards. In short, it’s fun and can sometimes lead to increased femininity. Edging is used for a safe or stimulating way to prolong your orgasm.

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