How to Unlock in Apple Notes

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If you make a mistake using Apple Notes, you have two ways to quickly open and redo your changes. We’ll show you how they work on your iPhone and Mac devices.

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Open Apple Notes on iPhone

If you use Notes on your iPhone, you can shake your phone or use an option on the screen to open and redo your changes. Depending on your situation, use the method that works best for you.

Shake your phone to unlock and try again

To use this method, make sure the message you want to open is open and reset your iPhone.

Raise the recovery board by shaking your phone. Do this as if you were shaking a bottle.

You will see an “Undo Type” menu. Click “Undo” here to delete any changes you have made to your message.

To choose "Separate" to the "Remove text" directory.

If you want to redo your changes, shake your iPhone again. Now, in the “Undo Typing” menu, click on the “Redo Type” option.

To choose "Repeat typing" from the "Remove text" directory.

You are finished.

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Use a Menu option to open and re -create

If your movement is restricted, use the menu option to open and redo your changes as described below.

On the page of your message, at the bottom, click the “Markup” icon.

You will see two icons at the top of the cover of your message. The arrow points to the left to discard changes, and the arrow points to the right to re -create changes. Click on one of the two images.

And your message will change now.

Open in Apple Notes on Mac

Apple Notes on Mac offers two ways to open and redo changes.

One way is to open your message in the Notes app, click the “Edit” button in the menu, and choose “Undo” or “Redo,” depending on what you want. to make.

Click Edit followed by Undo or Redo.

Another way is to use a keyboard shortcut. To open, press Command + Z, and to rewind, use the shortcut Shift + Command + Z.

And he is.

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Undeleted notes in Apple Notes

If you have deleted a message incorrectly, you can undo that deleted message. Your opened messages will be returned in 30 days.

To do so, in the Notes app, open the “Recently Deleted” folder.

Enter the "It is currently being terminated" archive.

In the upper right corner, select “Edit” and then select the messages to restore. Then, on the left side, click “Move to.”

Select the messages and click "Move on."

Select the folder where you want to save your notes.

Select a memo file.

And your deleted messages are back. Nanea!

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