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A sudden gunshot wound can take your breath away from one second to another – or you may have had nerve pain in your eyes, back, or legs for a long time.

Explore? Then we have the best news for you: Home remedies or natural remedies of neuropathy have previously proven themselves against nerve pain and nerve pain in patients.

The hard part: Everyone works differently from the methods used so it can’t be said about the responsibility of care. However, with chronic pain, home remedies should be tried.

Herbs and tea as home remedies for neck and back pain

As a patient with nerve damage, she can be a “herb witch” at times. Because many herbs from Mother Nature have an analgesic effect that can sometimes compete with chemical painkillers.

Plants for indoor use: You can take some medications in the form of capsules that contain a good dry extract. Also, for example, the root of the devil’s claw. It is said to have painkillers like acetylsalicylic acid but it is better for the stomach.

Lomi Laau: You can make your massage oil from plants by adding nettle spirit and apple cider vinegar. The ratio should be 1: 5. Then gently rub the affected areas with oil. Not only the ingredients in it, but the massage itself can reduce nerve pain.

Tree: How about a homemade wooden spoon? To do this, sew a small cloth bag where you will fill it with caraway seeds. Place the used medicine bag on the area affected by the nerve injury. If you like warmth, you can put on a warm pillow.

The sweet tea can relieve nerve pain from within. Suitable home remedies for nerve pain and nerve pain are based on nettle tea or the famous tea tree, each with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

In addition, green tea can promote overall health through a positive effect on blood flow, heart rate, and blood sugar. These factors increase nerve damage in some patients.

Nervexol – The most effective treatment for neuropathy

If not all medications are good for you, then we encourage you to try a medication that has been proven to be a weapon against the so -called neuropathy. “Nervexol”. This is a natural medicine made with natural ingredients such as vitamins and herbs. It is the most effective medicine that will allow you to go without worrying about its side effects. It was so natural!

Important: Don’t just rely on Home Remedies for Nerve Pain

Please consult a physician immediately if you have any nerve damage. They can make a single treatment plan for you and / or prescribe the right medication to start with. This is important so that you do not develop something called “painful memory”.

In addition, our home remedies that are supposed to treat nerve spasms and nerve pain are important in reducing symptoms – a lasting hope.

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