How to really cook Easter eggs without chemicals

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I like a few more than a basket full of colorful Easter eggs. Easter is important to our family and one of our favorite times of the year, but I often find myself frustrated with the overwhelming publicity of what I consider to be a religious holiday. I’m also angry that Easter has become a reason to let the kids (and ourselves) eat snacks filled with sugar, snacks, and ingredients.

This year, I’m trying to focus our Easter celebration on the real purpose of the holiday. (Hint: Nothing about a flower brings forth fruit!)

Easter is a liturgical time of celebration, and it’s one of the biggest feast days in the church, so I’m happy to let the kids enjoy some of the food. I choose, however, to keep some of our favorite recipes with healthy and natural herbs.

Let me explain the reason!

“Natural” Easter Tours and Easter Houses… Best?

I admit I’m not familiar with the Easter culture of a bunny (they don’t lay eggs) handing out eggs and baskets filled with cloth. I think giving our kids piles of junk food at Easter (and other holidays) sets a precedent for a celebration with unhealthy foods. For me, there are great ways to develop healthy foods for a lifetime.

This may be critical to some. Of course, there is nothing wrong with eating better food. But I think most anxious parents will agree that children often experience these indulgences. From the birthday of each child in their class at school to Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, etc., there are more and more opportunities for children to get the word out. fun and festivities = unhealthy foods.

(Maybe that’s just my fault, right ?!)

But let me leave my cupboard… with Easter eggs!

How to cook easter eggs without chemicals

Eggs are one of our favorite foods, so I have no problem with the eggs themselves. (As you can imagine, it’s the plastic, full -length controls on the fabric I’m complaining about.)

It is known that the unhealthy colored plates you throw into the vinegar water to shake the Easter eggs contain harmful chemicals that can have a negative effect on some children. Of course, we don’t eat shellfish, but because the egg shells are sticky and some kids are susceptible to the effects of food allergies, I think it’s worth looking for natural options.

Option 1: Eggplant sold at the grocery store

To fry Easter eggs in an easy way, use a food -safe coloring and combine according to the following ratios:

Option 2: Home -made egg juice from beets (and other fruits and vegetables)

If there are no real food colors around (we often don’t), you can also use fruits, vegetables, and herbs to accomplish the same thing. We tried this a few years ago and will do it again this year.

Below are the ingredients that can be added to boiling water when cooking eggs to make different colors. You can drink or boil the food, cool it, add vinegar, and use it as a natural fruit dye:

  • Black paint: Add a cup of purple cabbage or blueberries to the water while boiling the eggs.
  • green color: Add a cup of spinach or a few springs of spirulina to the boiling water. You can drink the greens, mix the water with the vinegar, and use the cooling water when the berries are cooked.
  • Red / red paint: Add pomegranate or beet juice to boiling water. You can put two tablespoons of vinegar in a pomegranate or beet juice and use it on pre -cooked eggs as cold water.
  • Kalai poni: Add grape juice to boiling water or add pre -boiled eggs to wine / vinegar mixture.
  • Yellow / Orange: Add a few tablespoons of turmeric or saffron to boiling water, or boil these spices in water, soak, and mix with vinegar for cold water.

Some notes: These natural colors create pastel colors that I think are more beautiful than the neon colors created by creative colors. Just a word of advice, you won’t get fluorescent screens with these types!

How to truly celebrate Easter

Preparations for the Easter Egg Hunts

I didn’t really like finding Easter eggs and completely abandoned them, but the kids are watching them. Unfortunately, they often find a large cloth bag that gets lost while my kids are asleep (the Easter Bunny may have been stolen!)

In the past, we also hid boiled eggs for them to see (dogs have found the past!) Or just had a family day out for extracurricular activities. Yes. Last year, we did a treasure hunt with signs that would lead to a good gift (seeds for them to plant in their small corners of the garden).

While I like things more than egg hunters, this year I’m allowing kids to participate in Easter egg hunters at church, to eat two pieces of the smallest piece of clothing. then will I scourge the remnant of them after they are gone. to sleep.

Non -Alive Friday Nursing Ideas

I have no problem with Easter being a time of fun and small gifts. As I said before (perhaps more so!), These are the pieces that make up the costume of this celebration that I am complaining about. That said, I like baskets and keep everything in them, so our kids get a basket (reused) every year filled with good things. zero.

Here are some ideas we’ve tried over the years that are popular!

Grow your own grass

Using flour, alfalfa, or clover seeds, grow the grass in a small bowl that fits right under your basket. Use this instead of the plastic Easter straw you got under the mattress in September. Kids love the new way of growing indoor grass, and as a bonus, grass is thought to be good at cleaning the air inside. You can bury it outside with the kids after Easter. If you are not ready to grow your own grass, cut the paper in a shredder and use it instead. It can be done again and again!

Instead of a basket, give your child the flower pot

In the pot, put small hand mixers, a heirloom fruit bowl, and a small fork, and let your child cultivate their pot garden. There are some boxes that have been made before for this. Plants are an easy choice, and kids can use them in the kitchen! This is designed to provide longer lasting fun than plastic toys and pixie sticks.

Take a look at convenience stores

We are in the treasury, and we make Easter baskets for each child. Check out local grocery stores for some fun gifts for Easter baskets. For example, one year each of our children had a movie, a book, and some shoes, and I had less than $ 10 in total.

Raise a Pet Family

If you are brave, think of a small animal. This reinforces the “new life” feeling of Easter and is more fun than clothes and toys. Just be human! Only use the cat if you plan to care for it, as most babies, bags, and rabbits are left behind after Easter.

Provide healthy foods instead of junk

If your kids are waiting for snacks, replace some foods with healthy and fun ones. Think beef, eggs, nuts, or home -made energy packs. really brave Make homemade “peeps” with my probiotic marshmallow recipe.

Check out this post for more Easter basket ideas! Happy Easter!

What are your favorite ways to paint your Easter eggs? When it comes to candy, do you relate to the health effects of normal foods or just allow kids to enjoy the negative effects for a day? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks below!

How to cook Easter eggs

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