How to party and travel like a boss – Find the perfect balance!

Story time: I arrived in Byron Bay Island, Australia on a Friday night, a few months ago with a large group of partygoers and we sent it off. We sent her, the best way to Byron Bay is to have beers, have tequila and sleep on the beaches (not mentioned). I woke up (thankfully) to my hostess, Johnny Depp-style hungover, scared and confused. The rest of the group is unknown! My old friend is worried.

Then I had a kayak trip booked at the front doors that morning to go meet the beautiful AF fish. Anxiously looking at my sandy phone and smelling beer (i.e. playing a nice new bottle right in the center)… it was 12:30 pm… 3.5 hours after our departure time , and like that time I was depressed for 2 hours. My life will see Tom Cruise’s remake of “The Mommy”… I didn’t forgive myself.

Morel of the story is all in the low! OR do what I did and book a trip in the morning after a long night. If you find that Thursday morning you need to get up early to do something nice, don’t go for that tequila 4.

Tip – Get a friend and have a casual conversation…

“Dude, if you see me shooting tonight, do Will Smith and take that trash out of my hand.”


“Girl, the minute I start hitting every word boom boom pow… take me home”

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