How to open a person on Instagram

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If you’ve updated someone, and want to return their stories and posts to your news feed, it’s easy to unmute a user on Instagram. Here’s how to make your iPhone or Android phone work.

Unless you say a word to someone, Instagram doesn’t inform the user about it. After all, if you want to make someone laugh again, you can do so easily.

View: At the time of writing in February 2022, you can’t unmute anyone from the Instagram desktop site.

Remove stories, posts, or both on Instagram

To start the unmute process, first launch the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone. In the app, find the page you want to open.

On the page, under the user name, click “Following.”

To choose "Following" on the side.

A menu will appear from the bottom of your phone screen. Click “Mute” in this menu.

To choose "Swell" in the directory.

In the “Mute” menu that opens, close the user’s posts, close the “Posts” option. To open user stories, close the “Stories” option.

You can control two options at a time, so you can use one option and the others.

Remove the user on Instagram.

Instagram will keep track of your changes, and you’ll start seeing posts and stories from your chosen user in your news feed. Cheer up!

PILI: How to mute someone on Instagram

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