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To ensure that there is no downtime due to clicking the correct problem codes into the main branch on GitHub, you need to create a new branch and work there. Before you can actually do that, you need to change it.

Convert members from the GitHub site

To convert members from the GitHub site, first start your browser, go to the GitHub official site, log in to your account, and then select the folder in your membership.

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Inside the library, you will see a button next to Members and Options. Click this button to display a directory. On the “Branches” tab, select the desired branch from the list. When elected, you belong to that branch.

Displays a list of members.

This is good if you are changing the branch online, but if you are working on your local machine, you will want to use a git command.

Change members using git checkout

If you work locally, you can change members with a simple command. To get started, you need to open a command box of your choice (for example, Terminal on a Mac, Windows Terminal, or the Linux box). Alternatively, you can use the command box in a text editor that supports it, such as VSCode.

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Once in the box, you want to change the directories to the location of the file. This is not a single command, as each person stores their database in a separate directory on their local machine.

For example, we would assume that we are in the top index in the box, and our swamp is called. how-to-geek Located in the OneDrive> Desktop> _GIT file path. Let’s run this command:

cd OneDrive\Desktop\_GIT\how-to-geek

Change the action menu.

You can edit members now that you are in the correct directory. To change members, run this command:

git checkout <branch-name>

So if your branch is called a “test-branch” then you should run:

git checkout test-branch

Run the command to change members.

You have successfully changed the branches.

Switch branches using the git switch

You can use git switch command to change members. First, open your desired terminal and change the appropriate directory using the cd command. In the appropriate directory, run this command:

git switch <branch>

So, if our member name test-branch then we will run this command:

git switch test-branch

The new order will change the members.

Now you have changed the branches.

git switch vs. git loan

At first glance, git checkout a git switch the same thing can be done under different names. You are not far from evil, but there is is it a little differently you will notice. git checkout provide more functionality before changing members, which is why the developers have done git switch-Clean up the mixture.

git switch just change to a new member. That’s it. git checkout, however, there are three things: it changes the branches, but it also copies the files from the site and from a tree-ish to the workbench. If you want to learn more about this, Dan Fabulich from Redfin Engineering gives a good break.

Working on different branches (not the main branch) will prevent low production time from bad code being shot into production. Testing your code on a child branch will save you a troubled world. When you add your branch to the main branch, don’t forget to clean it so that the archive is not saved.

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