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We live in unfamiliar times and the novel Coronavirus is having a devastating effect on the world’s population as we seek to make many changes in our lives. Most of us are in home quarantine, which is supposed to keep us from getting this disease. Many people agree that this lack of communication is caused by a negative emotional outcome and some feel that this is the result of seeing their thoughts in different places. their efforts to prepare new dishes now. As a result, more and more people are now using unsanitary utensils, utensils, utensils such as knives, trash and utensils in their kitchens. and they prepare their own food before ordering it from serving or eating it at restaurants. This is a very commendable thing and should be encouraged among the families, the greater the need to produce good food, while we are living in a time when physical activity is declining, therefore, it is necessary to make a good diet in order to strive to maintain the body. High quality.

During this quarantine period, it is necessary to eat low -calorie foods, while providing the body with the nutrients it needs. These are fresh fruits and vegetables that provide essential nutrients to protect the body and are low in calories. This will prevent you from gaining those extra pounds which can lead to health problems. Fruits and vegetables need to be made sure that they are fresh and so after washing thoroughly in the kitchen sink, the fruits can be chopped and sliced ​​and cut into small pieces. , using a suitable knife and sealed for future use. These ingredients can be used to make healthy smoothies or to prepare other healthy dishes.

It is also important to eat more protein now, however, avoid excess fat as it can harm the body. Many dishes can be prepared in the airfryer, from good breakfast menus, to snacks, snacks and treats. It is best to prepare protein cups in the airfryer to reduce the amount of oil consumed. If you are advising on your fast foods like French fries, crispy potato wedges, hot chicken wings etc., you can easily use the air fryer because it is convenient to use. to prepare these dishes in a healthy, yet delicious way.

Now that you’re at home, I know you can be relaxed or relaxed at times and the result is craving for “comfort foods” like sweets, ice cream, sodas or something. starchy is what we like to eat. . It’s best to resist this temptation and replace these cravings with healthy foods such as nuts, dark chocolate (in small pieces), healthy casseroles and yogurt. It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding sodas as it can contain a lot of sugar.

We are all looking forward to the day when our lives will return to normal, but while we stand by the reality of these limits and now access to department stores is restricted, it is eat foods in small portions and avoid unhealthy foods. up to. We can’t dig our graves with our “knives and rubbish” but we need to intensify the use of healthy eating practices that we look forward to with confidence in 2021 and beyond.

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