How to determine a value proposition with MATCH in Microsoft Excel

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If you need to find the exact position of an asset in your spreadsheet, you can use the MATCH function in Excel. This will keep you from having to figure out where you need to go for directions or the other way around.

The MATCH function is often used with the INDEX function as a top -up view. However, we will go through the process of using MATCH itself to find the location of a property.

What does MATCH do in Excel?

The MATCH function in Excel finds a value in the range, or range of cells, that you specify.

PILI: How to find what you need in Microsoft Excel

For example, you can find the value 10 in the range B2 to B5. Using MATCH as a model, the result is 3 because the value 10 is in the third rank of that model.

The position of an asset in a signature

The syntax for action MATCH(value, array, match_type) where the first two opinions are required a match_type an option.

Competition can be one of three options. If the argument is left out of the original, 1 is used as the default.

  • 1: Finds the value below or exactly as searched value. The range should increase.
  • 0: Finds the same value as the one searched value and the width can be adjusted.
  • -1: Finds a small value that is greater than or equal to what is sought value. The width should be on the same level.

You may be able to see these comparisons as a tool when you build your model in Excel.

Compare tool types in Excel

The MATCH process is not difficult, allow asterisk wildcards

and a question mark (?), and return # N / A as error if no match is found.

Use MATCH in Excel

When you are ready to use the MATCH function, take a look at these examples to help you go through building the method. PILI:

Defining and creating a style


Using our example above, you will use this method to find the value 10 on levels B2 through B5.  In addition, our result of 3 represents the third position in the telephone level.

MATCH is used to check the status of an asset


For example, we will include competition mode 1 at the end of our article. Keep in mind that competition type 1 needs to spread in an ascending manner.

The result is 4, which is the number 9 position on our ranking.  This is the highest value below or equal to 10.

MATCH with match mode 1


Here is an example that uses the 0 parameter for a direct match.  As you can see, we get the #N / ​​A fault because we don’t have a fair balance of our assets.

MATCH with match mode 0


Let’s use the -1 final match method in this case.

The result is 2, which is the number 11 position on our rankings.  This is the lowest value greater than or equal to 10. In addition, the -1 analogy should be the same as in the next class.

REQUIRED with -1 game mode


For example with the use of text, here we can find Caps in the A2 to A5 range.  The result is 1 top position in our team.

MATCH for finding text in Excel

Now that you know how to use the MATCH function in Excel, you may want to learn about how to use XLOOKUP in Excel or how to use VLOOKUP for asset types.

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