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You believe that serious hair products are well supplied at this level. Wash and condition your hair twice a week, apply a hair dryer at least once a week, and finish with a heat treatment. Is there anything to worry about?

Hair serums are a must have in the arsenal of every beauty. They help your patient in many ways and take care of you well. You can’t just take a serum off the board and start using it, as you can for most beauty benefits.

Hair serums can be used, as can those needed to address specific problems with your hair. Hair serums, like eye serums, address specific skin care problems to your hair.

And for those with curly hairit is very important to have a hair serum to help.

What is hair serum?

Hair serum is a silicone-based styling product designed to cover the surface of the hair so it cleans, cleanses, purifies, gives the hair protection from contaminants such as dirt or heat. large, giving the hair a shine. Hair serum is often recommended for hair oil because of its texture and consistency.

However, there is a difference between the two products, the hair oil is designed to deliver the protection of the scalp and condition, while the serums are used to care for the hair on the skin. Hair serum is used to prevent and reduce hair breakage due to dryness of the hair seen by people with thinning and thinning hair.

The cosmetic industry is gaining popularity as evidenced by the proliferation of different styles that promise different practices depending on the type of hair style and condition as well. with reduction of hair loss caused from alopecia, increased growth, increased hair volume, and volume.

Hair serums are made using natural ingredients from aqua (distilled water) aloe vera, argan oil, caffeine, avocado oil to zinc. The manufacturer’s choice of users to use depends on the value proposition given to the users.

For example, to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss, a natural remedy called capilia longa is used in many hair serums. Capilia longa is a natural hair growth and plant extract, made entirely from the plant Curcuma longa, also known as turmeric.

What seekest thou?

Kapilia Longa


Capilia longa prevents and reverses hair loss in many ways. Minoxidil is thought to be naturally occurring, so it inhibits stimulants such as invasive hormones that ensure the delivery of nutrients and blood flow to the scalp to promote growth. It has been found to grow hair faster than minoxidil which is made by 8 percent.

Capilia longa also induces an epigenetic reset of the hair follicle, restoring the function of dermal papilla cells. It strengthens hair follicles, promotes healthy and strong hair growth, prolongs the life of hair follicles, cleanses the hair, treats scalp conditions such as dandruff, dandruff, and inflammation. .


Zinc produces similar effects due to amino acids and stimulants to blood flow.


Caffeine is an important ingredient with stimulant properties that should be considered when choosing a serum. It binds to the roots of hair growth, triggering a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an androgen that prevents hair follicles from getting too many vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which makes hair grow faster and faster.

Caffeine also promotes increased blood flow to ensure the access of nutrients to the hair follicles and roots ensuring healthy follicles, faster and stronger growth. Hair loss therefore reduces alopecia.


While there are many different types of silicone-free on the market, silicone is one of the most important components of the product. Silicone creates a protective layer around the hair follicles when used. It is resistant to heat and dirt so it keeps the moisture of the hair clean and less frizzy.

Different types of Silicone use new substitutes such as hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate (HEO) that work similarly. HEO is derived from olive oil and contains phytochemical fats that support healthy skin. It cleanses the hair and skin by adding protective films and reducing oil.


In addition, protein is an important consideration when choosing a hair serum. Good examples of natural plant extracts that can be found in serum are wheat protein and hydrolyzed quinoa. Hydrolyzed is meant to be broken down with water.

It is a natural protein for maintaining hair color and protection. Quinoa is considered a complete protein, with seventeen amino acids and eight essential amino acids. Proteins enter the hair for strong protection. Proteins are essential for healthy hair because they nourish and cleanse the hair.

What can you resist?


Choosing a serum is important to look at some things that need to be avoided.

Alcohol is harmful and so excessive use of alcohol in serums can be detrimental to the health of the hair. It can rid hair of natural oil, moisturizer, and hydration. This can lead to breakage of the hair and dryness of the scalp resulting in irritation, irritation, itching, itching, and dandruff.


Paraben has long been included in cosmetic products to kill bacteria and as a preservative. However, serums fortified with paraben should be avoided because research has shed light on their adverse effect on the health of users.

Studies show that compared to the hormone estrogen, the more it leads to breast cancer. Therefore, the best option to avoid adverse effects is to use alternatives such as lactic acid. Lactic acid can be used as a preservative and as a soothing and relaxing agent.

How to choose the best hair serum?

As previously mentioned, the choice of hair serum should be determined by its hair type, size, and type.

For example, people with heavy, dry and brittle hair should use hair serums that have more oil in them to cleanse and moisturize their hair. This keeps the hair from tangling until it breaks.

People with clean hair should go for a light hair serum that will increase the smoothness and shine of their hair as opposed to a strong hair serum that cleanses the hair which can form flakes and with dandruff.

What is the best way to apply hair serum?

Before using the serum on your hair, make sure that your hair is clean and free of impurities. After all, the whole purpose of using hair serum is to protect your hair from external contaminants. Applying the serum on dirty hair without washing the root.

Therefore, you need to shampoo your hair and clean it. Dry with a towel to dry your hair with a little moisture. Divide your hair into small pieces. Melt about 2-3 drops of serum on your pamp and rub a little on your pamps.

Apply the serum systematically on each area using your fingers, when asked make sure you start first with the results before climbing up but not the roots to prevent to prevent the reaction of your roots to oil and fat which can lead to buildup and dandruff.

Gently brush your hair to remove lumps and bumps, starting with the root first before moving on to the rest of the hair. Do not wash the serum, leave it for 6 hours. Wash hands after use.

NB: Must be used once daily. Leave it in for at least 6 hours (ie after a bath or before spending the night). It can stay on the head for up to 24 hours. For thin hair use 2-3 drops, for thick hair use a maximum of 6 drops.

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