How to benefit from corporate travel packages

Vacation packages are a popular choice for casual travelers. After all, what could be better than having more and reducing travel costs by booking accommodation, flights, and co -activities? ?

Nowadays, travel companies have extended this type of travel agreement to their corporate clients to arrange business trips, events and corporate activities, as well as return trips. staff.

In this guide, we will look at:

  • What are business travel packages and when to use them regularly
  • Benefits of corporate travel packages for businesses
  • There are three main types of business travel packages

What are group travel packages and when are they most often used?

Travel costs and packages for many businesses are the same as for large vacation packages. Business travel packages increase the process of applying for fees when it comes to booking air travel and accommodation for business travel, as well as other things such as company return. , parties, group activities, and business trips.

Importantly, when a company decides to book a business trip, a company return, or a corporate event, travel agencies offer them contracts in a single transaction that covers all costs. everything of a business trip.

3 Benefits of corporate travel packages

In addition to organizing a business trip, group travel groups provide additional benefits for organizations.

They help businesses save money on business travel

Business travel can consume a large portion of a company’s financial resources. Corporate travel costs provide companies with special fees that can significantly reduce the amount they need to spend on business travel arrangements.

It can be used in any employee travel motivation program

Companies can use corporate travel packages for their corporate engagement travel program for their senior employees. For example, they may choose to hire a staff member for their top clients, and business travel groups are a great way to manage the costs and time spent on those trips. .

They can be used as an employee care tool

The critical journey of workers today as a dedicated workforce. Leisure travel, for example, where employees resort to business travel plans for their own leisure activities, has grown in popularity in recent years.

Corporate travel packages give employees more opportunities to travel and enjoy new insights while working.

3 types of corporate travel packages for each type of business trip

Depending on the needs of your organization, there are several travel agencies that specialize in creating a variety of professional travel packages. Below, we find three groups with corporate travel packages for business travelteam holidays and employee holidays, and team building activities.

For business travel: TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a leading travel agency that specializes in business travel planning by organizing all travel booking processes in one place. From airplane, accommodation, and rental cars, TravelPerk takes care of your travel needs in -house and saves you money at the same time.

TravelPerk offers corporate pricing consulting services to customers, as well as a pricing consultation service with travel experts who negotiate the best prices for your corporate travel requirements. On top of this, the company provides driving information at several hotels in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

In addition to serving your professional travel needs, TravelPerk offers:

  • A team trip guide will help you read more easily about return to work, team events, motivational trips, team meetings, and conferences.
  • 24/7 Business travel support on demand (with 15-second response time!)
  • A corporate travel agent will keep you up to date with travel tips and support the needs of your trip
  • A VAT refund solution will help you with your VAT refund and help you save up to 20% on business travel expenses.
  • TravelPerk Events, a one -stop shop for event management to help you organize every aspect of your business trips around events (including shopping kickoffs, outdoor venues, and seasonal parties).

If you’re ready to learn more about how TravelPerk can tailor a business trip for your company, visit today for a free demo.

For group vacations and working holidays: Trek Travel

Trek Travel is a travel company for car trips and biking vacations. The company also organizes returns and business trips in 50 locations and organizes tours for trips around the world.

Their experts create group travel packages from scratch and build on your organization’s needs and interests on the trip, as well as setting up meeting places.

For team building activities: Team Building

Based in the United States, Team Bonding is a team building company that offers over 100 independent team building events nationally and internationally.

The company recognizes that many moving parts are involved in corporate events related to the employee journey, and their technical development managers help companies plan their regular events.

From outdoor activities and mysterious dinner dinners to scavenger hunts and casino nights, Team Bonding offers a wide range of team building activities suitable for teams with offices in many locations.

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