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Lattes. Espressos. Mochas. America. It’s cold. The black apples. We can go on and on…

The world of coffee is very complex, and if you are worried about all the different options out there, you are not alone. The best coffee growers, sweet potatoes, and chefs in the world started out as new as you.

But here’s the good news:

With less time and dedication, you can learn everything in and out of coffee, and enjoy trying hundreds of different brews in the process.

Ready to become a coffee lover? Here’s how to make and drink coffee.

Learn about peas and different spices

Great coffee starts with big coffee beans.

There are three main types of peas: Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Beans grow in different ways and have different flavors, but that’s the way it is baking the process regarding the taste of coffee.

All copycats go through a series of steps. The shorter the cooking time, the lighter the color. The length of the laying of the black beans. It is like eating a piece of bread. The longer it is in the melter, the darker it is.

The lighter the fragrance, the more flowers, the higher the acidity, and the better the aromas. Smaller spices have lower acid levels and are easier and tastier. The black aroma is the least acidic and has a strong body with deep and rich flavors.

For example, different coffee drinks at your local coffee shop

Before you go out and buy different beans and all kinds of spices, you may want to visit your local coffee shop and try a few different flavors to see what you like. willing (and unwilling).

Independent coffee shops (as opposed to government chains) have high -profile baristas a lot about making different kinds of coffee drinks.

At the beginning of your coffee journey, set aside a different type of drink each day. Order an espresso the next day, a cappuccino the next, an au lait cafe the next, and so on. The best way to find out what you want is to try different methods.

Buy the supplies you need

Once you have an idea of ​​what kind of coffee you like and how you like it brewed, it’s time to start buying some ingredients that will allow you to make your favorite coffee in the home.

You may want to install a milling machine, digital scale, or one or two copiers. Some newcomers start with a standard drip coffee maker and some are more than happy to try their hand at using an espresso machine, a French press, or a Chemex pour-over coffee maker.

In addition to the brewer, grinder, and scale, make sure to put in a package (or two) of fresh whole beans and a box to keep them inside. To have ways to store coffee Which is to continue.

Learn how to make coffee in different ways

The way you make your coffee depends on the taste. To become a real coffee expert, you want to try different brewing methods.

Start with a standard drip coffee machine. Try the French pour and press method or Aeropress. Work your way to hone your skills with an espresso machine. Try the cold water method and experiment using a stovetop method with a Moka dish.

Making coffee is an art. The more drinking techniques you learn, the more sophisticated you will be.

Take a memo

You are looking for different beans and different types of drinking water, write notes on what you like.

You may prefer the melted version over the French press, without the meat. Alternatively, you may find that you prefer dark cold water stored in the freezer for longer hours than each shot of espresso or controls.

Try a variety of flavors, coffee spices, and lots of spinach as well.

Some coffee drinkers like black coffee and others think the best coffee cups need oil and sugar. Some people prefer decaf iced coffee and others think that good coffee can be made with just hot water. There is no perfect coffee drink that suits everyone – it depends on your taste.

The end

From the bean themselves to the aroma to the brewing and processing, there are many different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee.

So, instead of feeling sad, embrace it! With any trial and error, you would like you can go into any coffee shop and order whatever you want.

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