How do people choose the stars?

When it comes to human knowledge, there are low, medium and high knowledge. According to new research, low intelligence is used when we can only see individual stars in the sky. Our mid -range model combines those stars into visible features, and our upper -level model combines the interpretation of those groups.

Currently, the International Astronomical Union consists of 88 constellations. These specialists – drawn largely from Green, Roman and Middle -Eastern cultures – were created to help scientists and amateur astronomers carve the sky in places known to look good. to things in the air.

The research team surveyed 27 different cultures in Asia, Australia, Europe, Oceania, and North and South America to find common ground in their combination of stars; They knew that these cultures had a way of seeing constellations and asterisms (small, invisible features of stars), or, say, Ursa Major was called a bear, a car. , a caribou, crustacean or something else.

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